Card counting: 2 things you need to know Playing Online Blackjack

Card counting in Blackjack is not an easy thing to do. Here are the two things you need to be aware of before attempting it playing online Blackjack

1. Wrong Blackjack Strategy

Card counters are not that difficult to spot. They sit at the tables without playing from their first hand, waiting for a profitable layout that would lead to the money. Usually, such players sit and count the cards at many tables they play far from the minimum bets, putting from 100-500 bucks per hand. The casino has included a method of protection against such players. When playing Blackjack online, The defense is the next player is thrown off the table due to inaction.This action undermines the rhythm of the hands. It happens when you have not done any mouse action during gameplay for a while.

2. Strategy for counting cards and raising rates

Here lies the main difficulty of counting cards and scoring points. Only 50% of the cards in the shoe are used, which dramatically reduces our chances of winning and increases variance. When eight decks are in play, only 50-55% will be active during a session. It is, therefore, extremely challenging to play and count.

Most players will play blackjack giveaways where the deck uses 75-85% of the cards in the deck.There are even examples where the dealer has won 7 times in a row, starting with a small card of 3.

It is still possible to win in online Blackjack by counting cards, but it is with difficulty.  You should be ready for unfortunate changes. The best advice we can give is to ensure you have a big bankroll and be patient.