Wheel of Fortune

Many know the name of Wheel of Fortune from the hugely popular TV show that goes back several decades in some countries. In the United States, Wheel of Fortune is a game show that was first introduced in 1975, and it is still going strong. The concept is based on a giant wheel with different sections on it. Players spin the wheel to determine the outcome.

Las Vegas casinos have introduced different versions of Wheel of Fortune, sometimes called Big Six, Big Wheel, Money Wheel, or Lucky Wheel. Whatever the name, the recipe for success seems to be the same in the local establishments: a large wheel with bright lights and often a gorgeous dealer next to it to help draw players in.

Wheel of Fortune found new fans in a different form thanks to the expansion of online casinos and real money gambling on the internet. Several online casinos offer virtual games involving a similar concept. The most successful one by far is Dream Catcher from Evolution Gaming. This is a state-of-the-art live casino game that is played 24/7 with HD video of the wheel and the entertaining dealers.

There are many reasons why you are likely to enjoy Wheel of Fortune and similar gambling games. The first is that it provides a familiar idea. You are probably already familiar with the concept, and thus you are more likely to give the wheel a spin, or several.

Of course, the game didn’t build a solid fan base over decades based on its familiarity alone. It is also a very straightforward betting game that has the potential to award large prizes thanks to the rare sections on the wheel. Alternatively, players who want to take smaller risks will also find Wheel of Fortune a perfect game with frequent winning rounds.

When it comes to Dream Catcher, things get a lot better. It is very well designed since it is a top title from a reputable developer. The house edge is also pretty good, especially if we compare it to the standard Wheel of Fortune variants found in land-based casinos. The betting range is very welcoming as well since you can wager as little as €0.10 and as much as €2,500. Wheel of Fortune and Dream Catcher have a large following among slot players

When it comes to live Wheel of Fortune games, Dream Catcher is the one that immediately stands out. This top creation was launched by Evolution Gaming in 2017, and it won the award for Digital Product of the Year a few months later. While the developer is known for its live casino solutions, this game was the first of an entirely new category in the portfolio.

The environment created around the giant wheel is one level above your standard live dealer games. The video shows a large room with colourful lights. There are multiple cameras in the studio, and the feed is automatically synchronized to offer different angles of the action. Even the sounds play a significant role in creating a thrilling experience, especially with the use of the drum roll when the winning number is determined.

The fully immersive experience is achieved with the help of a professional team of dealers in charge of spinning the wheel 24/7. Evolution Gaming is available at many online casinos, and the game remains the same on the entire network.

The general rules for Wheel of Fortune are as simple as they come. The gameplay is based on a vertical wheel that has multiple stops on it. Each stop usually has a number or a symbol, and there are pins between each one. The wheel is spun and eventually stops with the marker in one of the slots, thus determining the outcome of the round.

When it comes to the famous Dream Catcher live game from Evolution Gaming, the wheel has 54 stops on it. There are six betting options in total, and each one has its own payout rate. You can bet on 40, 20, 10, 5, 2, and 1. The rate is the same as the number so, for example, you stand to win 1:1 if you bet on 1 and the wheel stops on one of the yellow slots. A bet on 2 pays 2:1, and so on.

There are also two multiplier values on the wheel for 2x and 7x. If one of these slots is the result, all bets are held for another free round, and the respective value will multiply the winning wagers. For example, if you bet on 10 and result is 7x, you have the chance to win 70:1 on the next spin. Multipliers can stack up if the wheel stops on the positions several times in a row. No new bets are taken after a multiplier is set.

Now that you know the rules, it is time to play the game. All you have to do is start up the gaming option from a reputable online casino. Keep in mind that Dream Catcher can only be played for real money and there is no limit on the number of players at a given time. Once you are in the game, the betting interface will show buttons for the six available values you can bet on. Simply select the bet size and place your wagers.

Bets can only be placed during the allocated period. The dealer then spins the wheel to determine the winning number. Payouts are awarded immediately by the online gaming software, and a new round can begin straight away. The maximum payout on one bet is of €500,000.

There are some extra settings to make the game fit your requirements. You can adjust the volume, switch the view format, and change the quality of the video. The stream will show in HD if the internet connection supports it. Lower quality options are available as well, which are great for when you are betting on a mobile device.

As it is with every betting game strategy, it is essential to look beyond the flashy elements and analyse the numbers. In Wheel of Fortune games, the values you are interested in are the payout rates and the odds of getting the outcomes. It is not difficult to calculate the odds based on the total number of possible results (slots on the wheel) compared to the number of favourable outcomes for the respective bet.

When it comes to Dream Catcher, the paytable is pretty good. The house edge is kept reasonably low. In fact, this live casino game is a much better option than the standard Wheel of Fortune variants found in brick and mortar casinos.

The payout values have been rounded so that they are easier to calculate and this means that the house edge is not the same across all betting options. This is the theoretical return to player rate for every bet:

  • Bet on 1 - 95.34%

  • Bet on 2 - 95.51%

  • Bet on 5 - 91.24%

  • Bet on 10 - 96.58%

  • Bet on 20 - 92.74%

  • Bet on 40 - 90.81%

Based on these figures, it is easy to see that the best bet you can make in Dream Catcher is on ten since it has the lowest house edge. While bets on 40 have the highest potential payouts, the overall RTP is not that great.

The strategy to bet on 10 is better in long sessions than for quick rounds. There are only four slots for ten on the wheel. This means that it will not be a common outcome, but it can generate nice winnings with a touch of luck. The multipliers can make things even more exciting.

Dream Catcher brings exciting gameplay to online players from around the world. The Wheel of Fortune theme and the additional elements make this game very entertaining. Of course, the dealers help as well since they are usually very enthusiastic. Also, it is one of the simplest games that you can play in a casino since you don’t need to practice beforehand or learn advanced strategies. Just join, bet, and collect the winnings.

Make sure that you place your wagers in the allocated period so that you don’t miss out on any rounds. The interface is straightforward, and it doesn’t take long to get used to it. Although the RTP is not as high as it is in other casino games, it is still decent and can generate favourable returns for lucky players. There are usually more than 100 users engaged in the action, and you can join them now for the chance to win big!