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I played at Bitstarz for the last 3 months. I have deposited a total of $10,000.00, always bitcoin. Many of my friends play there and they turned me on to play there. I submitted all my documents and i finally won $8,000.00 They refused to pay me my winnings and said it was because i am linked to another account that was self exempted for life. THE REASON they linked my account in Canada with the self exempt account in Los Angeles is because i had a friend who owed me money and he paid me back by deposits using his bitcoin wallet into my bitstarz account. He stopped gambling and he self excluded his bitstarz account for life. His cripto wallet he used to do his transactions was the same crypto wallet he used to pay me back. WE ARE 2 DIFFERENT PEOPLE IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES AND THEY ARE USING THAT AS AN EXCUSE NOT TO PAY ME MY 8,000.00 IN WINNINGS AFTER TAKING MY 10,000.00 IN DEPOSITS. THERE IS NO RULES IN THERE TERMS THAT SAYS YOU CANT HAVE SOMEONE DEPOSIT BITCOIN INTO SOMEONE ELSES BITSTARZ ACCOUNT. THEY SAID THEY WILL REFUND MY LAST DEPOSIT OF $96.00 TOOK THE 8K BACK AND KEPT THE 10K I DEPOSITED. AND CLOSED MY ACCOUNT.

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Jan 11, 2023
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Reply from Casino Manager:

Hi Barry,

Well, it's a little bit more to this story.

There are some other similarities besides the fact that he's sent money to your bitcoin address. His name is also Barry, and he's playing via the same browser as you, on the same device and on the same IP (which is strange since you said he's in a different country). You also have the same birthday (well, it differs by 1 year and 1 day), but quite a coincidence.

I think the evidence in this case is quite clear that you're the owner of both accounts.