Choosing a Safe and Reliable Casino

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And Why it is Never Easy

Finding the best platforms to play and wager on games is not easy. This is because there are so many online casinos and sports betting places around today. To add to that, it seems like every single week there is a new venue being launched. Identifying the casinos and sports betting establishments that are right for us is becoming increasingly difficult, especially since separating the good from the not so good is often in the detail.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. We put a lot of thought into issues such as this one to cut through the noise and point you in the right direction.

Here is our guide to the things you should look for when choosing an online casino or sports betting arena to play in.

Quick And Easy Online Checks
It seems a little too easy, but a lot of important information about a gaming establishment can be obtained by doing a few quick and simple online checks.

Domain Name: How old is it? There are many domain-checking tools ( online which can help with this. Bad reputations don’t normally stand the test of time in this industry.

Monthly Visitors: Did you know that it is very simple to find out the popularity of a website? How useful is that? Just go to or Google Trends for regional comparisons.

10 Minute Power Guide to Verify the Trustworthiness of an Online Casino

All important Reviews
Don’t just take our word for it, if you really want to know what customers think of a casino you need only look in the chat forums. Try to keep a perspective when you do this, good and bad reviews can be paid for.

Why You Should NEVER just Blindly Follow a Casino Review

Casino Licensing – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Not only should it have one, but some casino licensing authorities also provide more player protection than others. All reputable online casinos and sports betting sites will publish their gaming licence in an easy-to-find place on their website. Normally at the bottom of the homepage.

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Support You Should Expect
This is not always the most important consideration initially, but it should be. We strongly advise players to know the customer service options before signing up to an online casino or betting platform. It is best that you don’t wait until you have a technical problem in the middle of a high-value poker hand before realising there is no phone support. The best casinos will provide 24/7 customer support through email, live chat, and phone in the country you are playing.

Casino customer support is more important than you might think! Here’s Why

Casino Deposits, Withdrawals, and Privacy
What can I use to make a casino deposit? How long does it take to withdraw my winnings? How safe and how private are my financial transactions? These are important questions you should be asking before signing up to a gambling site. Casinos offer many payment options and it is worth the effort to know which ones would best suit your needs in advance.

How to Profit By Choosing a Smart Casino Payment Option

Games and Software Support
We all want different things from a gambling site. At Gamblescope, we love to have a flutter on the horses, a chip and a chair at the poker table, and a punt on the good old classic fruit machine slots when the mood takes us. Most casinos rely entirely on third-party software providers to supply their games and services. Knowing the best ones for the games you like to play is a great advantage. The more established websites tend to use major software providers such as Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt.

List of Most Trusted Casino Software Suppliers

Live Dealer Online Casinos
Live dealer casino is a must for all enthusiasts who like to be up close and personal to the action. Not all casinos provide the latest streaming technology to bring these real live games to your devices. To get an edge in your search for the best places to play and bet, look for casinos that provide Live dealer casino video streaming.

Play at a Real Casino from Anywhere in an Instant

Mobile Casino and Sports Betting
The industry has responded quickly to the growing demand for casino and sports betting on the go. While you may not need this kind of versatility, it is still important to know that the gaming platform is equipped to provide the service. It is also important to be aware of there are big differences in game quantity, quality, and serviceability between mobile casino offerings.

GambleScope Guide to Sports Betting Apps

Types of Casino Bonuses Offered
Who doesn’t like a juicy casino bonus? But when all casinos offer different incentives, it makes it a very difficult to find the best offers for our needs. To add to the complexity, with each type of bonus, factors such as minimum deposits, wagering requirements, match percentages, and time constraints etc. come into play. GambleScope are here to help you understand why the biggest headline casino bonuses are not always the best.

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The House Edge
Be aware of the ‘House Edge’. This is the mathematical advantage the casinos have in the long term (and conversely, the player's disadvantage). It is important to know that the house edge varies between casinos, types of games, and even different variations of the same game. GambleScope is here to help players find casinos and casino games which offer the best advantage for you, the player.

Understanding the Casino House Edge


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