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In the history of online casino, there has never been a better time to claim a casino bonus. With new platforms coming online on almost a daily basis, the competition to win new customers is fierce. And not only do they need to gain new customers to survive, but they also have a keep the ones they already have happy. All in all, this is excellent news for real money casino players and the best time to bag a juicy bonus.

Not only are casino bonuses becoming more substantial, but there is also plenty of variety. With so many options available, it is sometimes hard for players to know what they are, let alone which one's are the best to claim. This Casino Bonus Guide cuts through the noise to shed light on the different types of online casino bonuses available for free when you open an account and make a small deposit. A casino's rewards program will often be a combination of the following types of bonuses:


Welcome Bonus

The term ‘welcome bonus’ is known by various names. It can sometimes also be described as the ‘first deposit bonus’, ‘sign-up bonus’ or even 'new player bonus'. It is usually the most substantial headline bonus marketed and offered to attract new players. It is given to players alongside their first initial deposit when signing. The standard offer nowadays is of 100% up to a specified limit, meaning that the bonus amount received is equal to the size of the first deposit. With the help of a welcome bonus, you can potentially double your bankroll and have more money to enjoy the games you play.

Welcome bonuses can provide a bankroll boost to have more fun while playing, and eliminate some of the pressure when betting on your favourite slots. They can also represent the extra push needed to pick one online casino over another. Take your time and make a decision that's right for you. Read the terms and see if they fit your playing style. The casino Welcome Bonus should suit you and your requirements, not the other way around.

Once you find the Welcome Bonus you like, you should not be afraid to take advantage of it. Although casinos offer additional incentives, the welcome offer is generally the most rewarding promotion in the catalogue so you should claim it in full, or as much as you can afford to. There is no point in depositing only €100 if you plan on adding another €100 in a couple of weeks since the second deposit might not have the same bonus offer.

The ideal Welcome Bonus has a low playthrough requirement of about 35x or less, not including money deposited, which can be met within a decent amount of time, let's say 60 days. This type of bonus is awarded automatically when you sign up for a casino account and make an initial cash deposit. It will often be listed separate from cash deposited and will need to be played through (wagering requirements) before it turns into money you can withdraw from the casino.


Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is a promotional offer available on following deposits after the first one (the Welcome Bonus). Most casinos will offer 1-2 reload bonuses after the initial deposit but can offer 3 or 4 reload Bonuses. They can also be provided arbitrarily to existing players to encourage them to play certain types of games, such as slots, blackjack or roulette, for example. The amount offered can be anywhere between 25% to 200% bonus up to a specific limit. So, for instance, when you deposit €100 cash, a 50% reload bonus will give you an additional €50 in casino credit. As with all casino bonuses, it will have to be played through (wagering) before the withdrawal.


The most significant benefit of a Reload Bonus is that they help to keep players engaged after the initial welcome bonus has expired. They provide an additional incentive to play more games, and regular deposits increase player loyalty. Players generally like reload bonuses, especially if they already intended to make a cash deposit. Additional credit provides more time to play the games you like and an opportunity to try out new ones with less risk. To receive a reload bonus, you will have to deposit the minimum amount required within the time frame specified in the terms and conditions.


Free Spins Bonus

If you like playing online slots, free spins bonuses can be a great way to get the reels rolling. They provide a perfect way to check out some of the top slots without having to worry about spending real cash. Plus, with a bit of luck, you can win a nice amount that will keep things going for longer. These are the most common types of free spin bonuses you will come across:


No Deposit Free Spins

You can claim bonus free spins before you even make a deposit. Yes, this is real! Some online casinos are now offering newcomers no-deposit bonuses consisting of free spins and all you have to do to claim them is register a new account. Once everything is verified, you will have the free spins ready to go in the featured slots game. You can spin the reels and collect the winnings, which will remain in the account balance as bonus money for you to continue playing. No Deposit Free Spins Bonuses are relatively modest and are usually worth 10-20 rounds played at low stakes. However, since they don't even require a deposit, they make for great offers!

First Deposit Free Spins Bonus

Free spins can often be included as an extra perk as part of the welcome package for the first deposit. The amount here can even exceed 100 rounds, so it is something to consider. Generally speaking, the full amount of bonus spins can be claimed with a deposit of just €20. Therefore players are not forced to make a substantial investment if they don't want to.


Free Spins from Promotions and Reward Programs

Free spins can come from different sources when playing online. The operators know that their players enjoy spinning the reels and will offer bonuses as part of special promotions, giveaways, tournament prizes, loyalty rewards, and other perks.

Before you take advantage of a free spin bonus, check the wagering requirements and the other terms. Make sure that you understand the conditions so that you don't run into any barriers when you want to withdraw.

No Deposit Bonus

If you are new to the world of online casinos, you should know that this promotional offer is not available at most sites. It is relatively rare, and it is not a massive bonus. You can expect to get something like 20 free spins for a specific slots game. The best part is that you don't need to invest any real money to get the offer. As the name suggests, a No Deposit Bonus doesn't require you to add real money to the account. Instead, you need only to register with the online casino. In some cases, you will need to verify the email or the phone number before getting the bonus.

Some casinos can have no deposit offers of bonus funds, usually of around €10 or €20. The money will be waiting in the balance for playing games for free. It is arguably the best way to check out some of the options to see how they work and how the casino platform runs. This also applies to the mobile version. Once you claim the promotional offer, you can immediately put it to use by playing the eligible games. The winnings will be added as bonus funds and must be wagered according to the terms and conditions.

All in all, we recommend that you don't pass on this type of offer if it's available. It may not be a deal-breaker, but it is always nice to have.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty programs are widespread with online casinos and are used to reward loyal payers. When you are playing your favourite casino games, you earn points based on the size of the bet and the game type. The best rate is usually for slots. Typically, you get 1 point for every €10 wagered on the spinning reels. For table games, the rate is generally lower, maybe 1 point for €40 played on blackjack, baccarat, or roulette. It doesn't matter if you win or lose; the points are automatically added to the account as soon as the bet is placed.

You can use your points to get free loyalty bonuses and various other rewards within the program. The number of comp points earned will also determine what level you have, which in turn unlocks other unique benefits and cash.

Moving up the Levels

A standard loyalty program can have anywhere between three to six levels. While newcomers start at the first one, active players will have no problem moving up the different tiers. With every new level, you unlock better rewards, which don't just consist of loyalty bonuses. You can also get faster withdrawals, higher deposit limits, special promotions, invitations to exclusive events, boosted rates for earning points, birthday bonuses, and more.

Usually, you receive a level up bonus when reaching a new tier to celebrate the achievement. You should know that the status is not permanent and you need to maintain it by earning the required number of points every month.

Another thing to consider is that rewards get better as you climb the ladder and reach a higher level within the program. It means that the promotional offers are more rewarding for frequent players than for casual gamers. If you only play a few rounds from time to time, you won't be able to enjoy the full potential of the rewards system. You will still earn points, however, and you can use them to get some extra cash, which is always nice.

High Roller VIP Bonus

High rollers enjoy online slots at maximum limits. Laying down €100 for a simple spin of the reels is not for everyone, but when the available balance exceeds €5,000, the bet doesn’t seem that large anymore. Needless to say, a big bet can mean big prizes so wins of thousands of euros can take place very often in this scenario.

When it comes to high roller bonuses, the targeted audience is undeniable. Big spenders deserve matching bonuses, and so casino operators deliver with offers that can go up to upper limits to attract and meet the demands of big spenders.

VIP bonuses may also be offered as part of the VIP program. As the name suggests, this is exclusively available for the top players at the online casino. To reach VIP status, you must be very active and gamble with large amounts of money. In addition to the bonuses, VIP members usually get other perks as well, such as faster banking, higher betting limits, and a dedicated account manager.

This type of casino bonuses is very exclusive and only profitable for a particular kind of player. If you are thinking about getting a high roller bonus, you should consider some important details. Of course, the first one is the required deposit amount.

To get an exclusive high roller bonus, you must first open an account and make a minimum deposit. As soon as the deposit is processed, the real money funds and the high roller bonus is added to your account, usually in two separate balances. The fun doesn't have to stop after making the first transaction since casinos can continue offering bonuses to keep big spenders happy.

Cashback Bonus

In short, a cashback bonus is an offer that can be claimed at some online casinos when playing for real money. Unlike standard reload bonuses, cashback deals are calculated based on the net amount of money lost within a specified period.

For example, you deposit and play your favourite games, and you end up losing €200 in one day. While Lady Luck wasn't on your side, you can still get a chance to turn everything around with a cashback deal. The operator offers 10% back on net losses, so you get €20 for free to rebuild your bankroll. In the same scenario mentioned above, if you play and win €200, you will not be eligible for cashback bonuses. The rate depends on the casino, and cashback offers can range from 5% to over 25% in some cases. While some casinos have rewards for losses on a few games on a particular day, other sites can offer cashback for an entire month across all games in the collection. The basic concept remains the same.

Cashback bonuses are great for all eligible players, and there is no reason to avoid taking advantage of such a deal since it applies to losses. You already lost, so why not have something extra and potentially profit from a free second chance? This time, things can go the other way, and you can win back your losses. The wagering requirement is usually so low that it isn’t even an issue given the fact that the goal is to build back the starting bankroll. Although cashback bonuses are not the most significant offers you can get at an online casino, they can be beneficial and act as a small parachute just in case things don’t go your way.

Coupons and Promotion codes

Casino Coupons and Promotion Codes are used for promotional marketing. They are more often than not given as an additional incentive to play at the casino on top of the other bonuses and incentives which may be running. Usually, it will be for an extra cash bonus of under 50 currency units of free spins, but there are no hard and fast rules, all casino coupons and vouchers are as unique as the casino offering them.

Most online casino coupons and promotion codes do not require a player to deposit cash to take advantage of the incentive offered.

Benefits of Online Casino Codes and Vouchers

When it comes to playing at the online casino, finding and using promotion codes and vouchers offer several useful benefits-

  1. First, they provide an easy and free way to play your favourite games for real money.
  2. If you were thinking of making a cash deposit anyway, they could help to boost your overall deposit, providing more game time and an increased chance of winning.
  3. Players can sample the casinos and its games at no risk to help decide if it is worth investing time and money.

To use them, a player needs to do is enter the code when registering with an online casino. Once all the formalities have been taken care off, the benefit will be awarded to your account ready for use.

Preferred Payment Bonus

Most online casino bonuses are for real money players, and they require customers to make deposits through available banking methods. Players can usually find payment bonuses for e-wallets like Skrill, PayPal, NETELLER, and EcoPayz. This way, the operator avoids the hassle of dealing with banks and their extended processing timeframe. Also, customers benefit from faster transactions and lack of fees.

Other casinos can have bonuses for deposits made by credit cards and debit cards if their systems are better optimised to handle such transactions. In any case, the payment method is easily accessible for the majority of players. Even if you don't have a Skrill account ready, you can sign up for free, link your card or bank account, and you are good to go. There is a significant advantage of using e-wallets for online payments nowadays. You will also benefit from faster withdrawals once you are ready to cash out your winnings. Payments to and from e-wallet accounts are much quicker than transfers to cards or bank accounts.

For the majority of players, preferred deposit methods bonuses are a great way to get extra money with minimum effort. If you are already planning on depositing at the online casino and you have access to the deposit options featured for the promotion, it is best just to go ahead and claim the bonus. The funds will be added to the account straight away so that you can start playing your favourite slots within seconds.

Referral Bonuses

There are a lot of people who find the perfect casino and stick to it. This doesn't mean that you have to settle for fewer bonuses or less advantageous promotions. If you enjoy playing at a particular online casino, you may be able to claim some exclusive rewards by simply referring your friends to join. You get an extra bonus, and the invited friends get to claim the welcome bonuses at the casino you love. Everybody wins!

To be eligible, you first need to register with the online casino and make at least one real money deposit. During this process, you will likely receive excellent welcome bonuses and access to other promotions. If you like what the casino offers, you can also benefit from the refer a friend program.

In general, you can send out invitations from the casino account directly by email or through social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can invite as many friends as you want since it is free and it doesn't take more than a few seconds. The friends will receive a unique link that they can use to go to the casino and sign up. You will receive your refer a friend bonuses after they register and start making deposits.

The standard offer is of 100% based on the referred friend's first deposit, up to around €200. Not only do you get an additional bonus for spreading the word, but the friends will also benefit from the standard rewards offered by the operator as a welcome package. Other casinos can provide a fixed bonus for successful referrals of about €20.

The effort needed to benefit from a refer a friend bonus might be a bit higher than for claiming standard deposit bonuses, but this shouldn’t be an issue. These special offers can be a great way to get some extra rewards without having to make additional deposits yourself. You can just let your friends know about the impressive online casino you found and get rewarded for it. Plus, the entire process has been streamlined a lot in recent years, and it only takes a few clicks to send out the referral links.

Casino Bonus on Mobile Apps

Every casino nowadays will have a way of connecting mobile devices to the games and services they offer. Traditionally, this has always been achieved through the download of a native app. With Native Apps, Android and iOS operating systems are always supported since these are the most popular phones on the market. Sadly, the same isn't true for other systems, such as Blackberry and Windows, which are rarely supported these days. If a casino says it has an app that supports any device including tablets and mobile phones, it usually means they have a web-based instant play service you can access from any browser. These use scripting languages such as Flash or more recently HTML5.

So, which is better, Native apps or browser-based?

Well, there are advantages and disadvantages to each. As far as casino operators are concerned, there is a shift towards browser-based apps since they are easier and cheaper to develop and a lot more cost-effective to update and maintain. For players, native apps tend to be faster and more responsive, but are sometimes buggy and lacking game options. Browser-based apps, on the other hand, need an internet connection and your game experience much depends on broadband speeds. However, with a fast, stable connection, they provide access to much of a casino inventory of games without the need to download and install additional software.

Gambling laws in certain countries means that it is not always possible to download casino apps for the Apple App Store or Google Play. For this reason, it is still better to go directly to a casino download page to get the app.

Bonus T&Cs Explained Infographic

  1. Minimum Deposit
  2. Time Limits
  3. Bonus codes and Coupons
  4. How to Claim
  5. Bonus Terms and conditions
  6. What are Wagering Requirements?
  7. How to Calculate Wagering Amount
  8. Contribution Rate Explained?

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Every casino Bonus or Promotion comes with Terms and Conditions Attached. The T&C’s explain restrictions and limitations, duration of validity and how they can be claimed.

What are Wagering Requirements? 

A wagering requirement represents the number of times a bonus must be played through before it can be withdrawn. It is expressed as a multiplier, typically (X30) for example, which means the bonus amount must be risked 30 times before it becomes real cash.

How to Calculate Wagering Amount

To calculate the wagering requirement, you must multiply the bonus amount by the wagering requirement multiplier. For example, a bonus of €100 with a (x35) requirement is 100 x 35 = €3,500.

Contribution Rate Explained

Sometimes, not all games are weighted equally. It is common for casinos to have a policy where slots contribute 100% to the wagering requirement with table games only 10% due to the lower house edge on these games.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit is simply the amount of your own money you will have to deposit to open a real money casino account and claim a bonus. Typically, this is for a small deposit of €25 or less.

Time Limits

Casino Bonuses have time limits attached. When you claim a casino bonus, you will have to play the bonus through within a specific timeframe to convert it into withdrawable cash. The time limit is typically seven days but can be longer.

Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are used as a promotional marketing tool to advertise special offers or exclusive deals. They are not as common as they once were, but sometimes you will have to input a bonus code to receive a bonus offer.

How to Claim a Bonus

Casinos make it easy to claim bonuses. As standard, you will need to open an account and make a small deposit, but sometimes you will need to enter a bonus code and show I.D. We also strongly advise you read the T&Cs before you do this.


What are the Best Casino Bonuses?

Well, that depends. Free spins Bonuses are top-rated if you like casino slots. No Deposit Bonuses are rare these days but when available can give you the chance to play without depositing real cash.

Is there a way to guarantee a profit from a casino bonus?

Yes, there is a way to calculate how much profit you can expect to extract from a casino bonus offer. The method uses a mathematical approach called Expected Value or E.V.

How do you calculate the Expected Value (E.V.) of a casino bonus?

The expected value (E.V.) of a casino bonus can be found using the following formula. EV = Reward – Loss to gain reward = Reward – [House Edge x Wagering]. Learn more about E.V. here

What is the easiest way to find casinos with the best Bonus Offers?

The problem with bonus offers is that they don't last forever. So, the easiest way is to search by preferences using a site like and read the reviews from your shortlisted casinos.

Should I just Google the highest Bonus Offer?

High bonuses are not always the best bonus offers. Casinos that offer thousands in casino bonuses tend to have wagering requirements that are difficult if not impossible to win in the timeframe allotted.

What wagering requirement should I look for?

When it comes to free casino bonuses, you should always look for the bonus with the lowest wagering requirement since they offer the easiest way to play through and the best chance to win.

How much of my own money should I deposit when claiming a Bonus?

There is no rule. Deposit as much as you can afford. The best advice we can give is that you should deposit in one payment, especially with first deposits, rather than split over multiple deposits. Doing so will maximise the bonus award.

Do I have to take a Casino Bonus?

No, they are optional. Casinos give you the option when you sign up, but sometimes it is in the form of an opt-out rather than opt-in. Always read the terms and conditions before making a decision.

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