10 winning hacks for every online casino player

Besides entertainment, online gambling can be a great investment for a player. Imagine having fun while making money. However, this doesn’t come easy. Online casinos are in business and want to make profits. To do so, they come up with winning odds that favour the house. That’s why many online gamblers encounter more losses than wins. Fortunately, there are a few ways to boost your winning chances. Here are 10 hacks on how to win more as an online casino player.

1. Play skill games

In games of chance, you have no control over the outcomes. You don’t want to entirely depend on luck if you are serious about making money in online casinos. Go for skill games like poker where a strategy or two can help increase your odds. That means you’ll also need to master a working strategy.

2. Take advantage of demo versions

Nowadays, casino game developers provide a demo version for each game. You can play these games for free. Take your time to play them and learn the game mechanics. Also, study how often you get to win. This will help you gauge if playing the game for real money is worth it. If winnings are frequent in the demo versions, this will most likely be the case in real money plays.

3. Learn the rules first

The worst thing you can do is play a skill game without learning the rules. To earn, you must learn first. Therefore, take time to understand the rules. Demo versions will help you a lot in this regard.

4. Go for high RTP games

To win more money, you not only need huge stakes but also high RTP games. RTP ratios show what you should expect if you win. The higher the percentage, the higher the possible wins. So, choose games with high return-to-player rates. In slots, betting on the maximum number of betways will also increase your chances of winning big.

5. Choose low house edge casino games

In gambling, house edge represents the advantage a casino has over the player. You don’t want to play games that favour the casino. This will mean that losses will often be more than wins. So, low-house-edge games should be your priority.

6. Prioritise low-bet games

By staking less, you get to play longer without breaking the bank. That’s the logic behind this hack. If you play longer, your chances of winning will increase. Even after a win, don’t be tempted to make huge stakes. Maintain the consistency and you’ll reap big.

7. Avoid new games

While newly published casino games are all the hype, avoid them if you are serious about winning frequently. They tend to take more than they give out. Therefore, winning will be less frequent. You don’t want that. Give it a few months and try your luck. If you must play them while new, try their free versions.

8. Avoid inter-linked progressive slots

In interlinked progressive slots, RTPs are much lower than what’s listed. The pooling of funds gives rise to ridiculously low odds. Such games often behave like lotto. So, winning chances are very low.

9. Play more during major holidays like Christmas or Halloween

Usually, the last two months of every year have numerous holidays. These are hectic days for online casinos. For more winnings, now is the time to make those real money stakes. Think of holidays as special casino promotions. These are occasions when casinos have more attendance. So, it’s their time to make money. Consequently, they won’t mind a few winnings here and there. It’s a good day for them after all. Apply that betting strategy and see your winnings increase.

10. Pick casinos with the highest first-deposit bonuses

Capitalise on the free money given in online casinos. This often comes as a bonus. Basically, the more the merrier. If a casino doesn’t mind giving out huge sums of free betting credits, it will have no problem paying frequent winnings. Combined with the other hacks discussed above, this will help you win more.

Closing thoughts

While there are no hacks that guarantee winning all the time, those discussed above can increase your odds. Implement them and you’ll leap the benefits within no time.