6 Ways  to Make Money as a Casino Streamer

Do you know you can make hundreds, thousands, millions of dollars in a number of ways at the same time by just sitting in the comfort of your room, enjoying your time in a favorite online casino and streaming your gameplay? All thanks to Twitch.tv — the largest streaming platform in the world that allows such broadcasts. Here are 6 ways to make money from casino streaming, regardless of your location.

1. Subscription Fee

Once you have opened a Twitch account and started broadcasting, your casino stream will be visited by viewers looking for such content. If you impress them with your skill, charisma, ability to warm-up and handle the audience, they may become your followers and later — loyal paid subscribers.

To become a Twitch Partner and be eligible for paid subscriptions, you need to stream for at least 25 hours in total during 12 different days in a month. Easy. And uphold an average of 75 viewers during these broadcasts. Not so easy, but your growing number of followers will help. 

Each subscriber gives a minimum of $5 (although the number may be lower in some regions) every month. For example, if you have 15000 of them, you get 37500$ monthly. However, Twitch takes a 50% share out of them. Still, 18750$ can cater to some of your expenses without breaking a bank.

If this is not enough, you can use a third-party subscription service like Patreon, that charges less. 

2. Twitch Ads

Have you ever had an ad clip popping-up on your screen, while you were watching a video? Of course you had. At this moment someone was making money showing it to you. As a casino streamer, you can use this tool as well. 

Many companies want to advertise on Twitch due to its enormous viewer base. So casino streamers are free to upload as many advertisement clips as they wish. And start their playback at will, making money by acting as promotional and sales agents. But don’t overuse it. Viewers might get fed up with never ending ads and leave. Finding balance is the key. 

3. Affiliate Links

Another popular way that casino streamers use to enhance their income. The trick behind this strategy is that you work closely with prominent organizations like 888, 777 and such, that sell their products online. They are always looking for content creators to promote them.

You need to sign up to their website, become a marketer and obtain a referral link. Now you will be earning a commission every time a client purchases something using this link. For example, you can market a piece of clothing, an electronic device or a service. And refer your viewers to the companies selling them through that link. Once a client makes a purchase, the company will pay out your commission.

But the most obvious way would be referring your subscribers to various casinos. After all, the audience is warmed-up and ready for it. So you are ensured to get a lot of commission payments.

4. Winning Cash

That’s why you play, isn’t it? While still luck-based, being a streamer enhances your chances multiple times. You acquire experience quicker as well as get first-hand information concerning available jackpots, bonuses and can prepare early to place your bets and literally win millions. 

5. Partnerships

After acquiring some audience, casino streamers can make even more money by partnering with prominent casinos. As such, they become responsible for making advertisements on behalf of that particular brand for a fee. For example, the casino streamer may be required to play some of the clients' specific games that the casino is willing to promote. And thus direct the viewers into playing them as well.

6. Donations

While Twitch subscription nets you a fixed sum every month until subscriber decides to cancel it, donations are one-time payments of random amount, made out of goodwill and desire to financially support a favorite content creator. It mainly acts as a form of motivation and recognition for the excellent job you are doing.

Some people may offer aid in the form of video cameras, high-class microphones, PC parts and such to help you shoot more videos and raise their quality. 

There are dozens of ways casino streamers can make money, and the above are just a few of the strategies you can use. It is important to understand that some of these methods may take time to pay off, while others can be put into action within seconds. Some will put millions into your bank in the long run, while others will only give you a few pennies but faster. Thus before using any strategy, ensure that you have done proper research on it.

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