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How Progressive Jackpots Became Hugely Popular

As slot machines became popular in large casinos, operators developed a feature known as a progressive jackpot to attract more players to the spinning reels. Several machines were linked together and shared a jackpot that increased based on the bets made. A small percentage of the wagers were added to the top prize, which could be won from any of the linked machines. The jackpot kept growing until it was won and this meant that it could reach impressive numbers, thus attracting even more interested players.

In general, a progressive jackpot top prize is won when with a rare combination of symbols are aligned, or can also pay through a bonus game. For example, in a classic slots machine that uses card symbols as icons, the top prize would be for landing a royal flush on a particular payline. This concept has remained pretty much the same over the years, although modern creations have detailed themes and can feature exciting bonus games for the chance to claim the jackpot.

Online casinos have taken the concept to new heights as progressive jackpot slots can be linked across tens of sites given that the games share the same networks. This means that a lot of players have access to the same progressives and so the jackpots grow at a fast pace and can even exceed €10 million before they are won. If you want to check out some online progressive jackpot slots, the most popular titles with the biggest prizes include Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune, Arabian Nights, Jackpot Giant, Gladiator Jackpot, Beach Life, and Funky Fruits.

A Casino Option that is Thrilling for All Players

Progressive jackpot slots come in different shapes and sizes, which makes them popular among all types of players. There are classic three reel machines with progressive prizes as well as modern five reel slots with immersive themes that also have a jackpot added on top. If you enjoy the old-school design of 3-reel fruit games, you will quickly find several progressive titles available when playing online.

Modern 5-reel progressives have more fans these days since the gameplay is more entertaining with extra features to enjoy. It is generally harder to win a progressive jackpot with these options since the required combination is very rare. The advantage is that the prizes get much more substantial.

The variety of progressive slots online caters to a vast array of customers. Some of the titles have small jackpots worth a few thousand euros that are frequently won. Other machines can have pots of seven or eight figures, and while they are only hit a few times a year, they can create millionaires. So it’s safe to say that it is a player's market with plenty of options for all tastes.

The Best Way to Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

If you are starting out and you want to learn how to play progressive jackpot slots, you have come to the right place. Our step-by-step guide will have you ready to win big jackpots in a matter of minutes so let's get started right now. 

First of all, find a progressive jackpot slots machine. These are heavily advertised in land-based casinos. However, it is far easier to play online slots, and you don’t have to settle for smaller prizes seeing that some online progressives can have jackpots worth millions of Euros. You will often find that casinos have a dedicated category for progressive jackpots and the rewards are displayed in real time. Pick the game you wish to play but know that the millionaire maker jackpots are rarely hit.

After the game starts, you will see a dashboard under the reels with different buttons for setting the size of the bet. Use the arrows to set the coin size and then select the number of lines and the number of coins to wager. In most cases, the bigger the bet is, the better the odds are for triggering the jackpot. 

Press the spin button to see what symbols randomly stop on the reels. If matching icons appear on active lines, on adjacent positions, the game awards a payout based on the rates shown in the table.

You will also notice the current value of the progressive jackpot displayed on top of the reels. In many games, the pot is won from the bonus game, which can be triggered randomly or through special symbols. The bonus game can come in different forms, like a giant wheel or a picking game. In any case, it is simple to play, and it all comes down to luck.

Extra Features to Go Along with the Massive Prizes 

While the progressive jackpot is the main feature in these slots games, players can also benefit from other rewarding features to make sure the gameplay is entertaining at all times. 

Three reel progressive slots keep things pretty simple and they generally only have wild symbols as extras. A wild symbol is frequently used as a way to help generate combinations. It can replace any other symbol that is needed on the current screen to get the highest possible prize.

When it comes to five reel progressives, the features frequently include wilds as well, along with other functions. Free spins can also be found, and they are usually triggered when three or more scatter symbols appear on the screen. The beauty of scatters is that they can be anywhere on the reels to start the free spins mode, unlike conventional symbols that need to be on active lines. Some titles have free spins with multipliers for the wins to make the game even more rewarding without placing extra bets. 

Tips to Get You Closer to Jackpots worth Millions

Progressive jackpots can be appealing, especially when talking about the huge ones. If you want to go chasing some of the multi-million prizes, you should first check out the tips provided by our experts.

Picking the right casino should be the first step. The withdrawal policy is significant since it is not always easy to cash out a jackpot of over €1,000,000. To ensure you don’t run into any issues in advance, we encourage users to read the terms and conditions carefully and pay extra attention to the limits for withdrawals. Most of the top operators don’t impose withdrawal limits on progressive jackpot wins, but some can require winners to cash out the sum in small increments over an extended period. 

There are plenty of advantages to playing progressive slots at a trusted online casino. The big brands are happy when their customers hit a big jackpot since they can advertise the story for other potential clients. As a result, there is a big incentive to pay out the amount without any hassle.

With that out of the way, the next step is to choose the right progressive slot. Big jackpots are only won a few times a year so you should prepare yourself for many sessions. We recommend that you pick an option with a high RTP and an entertaining theme. There are several popular options online that pay well even without considering the jackpot. Along with wilds and free spins, the gameplay should still be thrilling while the potential to win millions is always there in the background.

You should also check out the game details straight away to see how the jackpot is won and if the size of the bet matters. In most cases, you have a better chance of winning the top pot if you bet a more significant amount. In some slots, you are not even eligible for the progressive prize if you don’t bet enough.

Progressive Jackpot Slots Conclusion - Should You Play?

Like all other slots games, progressives are all about luck. However, the best part is that success in this scenario can mean winning a jackpot worth over one million Euros. The awesome prizes are the main attraction and every player dreams of winning the life-changing amounts from the spinning reels in these games. This, in turn, makes the machines entertaining to play, and they can also have nicely detailed themes, along with extra features, for an entertaining session even without taking the jackpots into account.

The RTP in progressive slots is generally not exceptional, but it isn’t bad either. The percentage of the bet that contributes to the jackpot is very small, so the game can still pay back a decent amount in the regular gameplay. As for the difficulty in playing and the skill level required to have good results, these get low ratings since progressive jackpot slots are very simple. You just have to bet and spin the reels, and it doesn’t take long to become familiar with a new option. All in all, online slots with progressive prizes are indeed worth looking into, and you will be happy you gave them a try once you claim a significant prize!