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Presenting the Famous Aces & Faces Video Poker Variation

Video poker started appearing as a casino game in the mid-1970 and took a while before becoming popular. The main reason for its slow start is the fact that the machines were not considered reliable enough by casino operators. Since it wasn’t viable for land-based casinos to have poker tables with dealers where only one person could play at a time, the technology had to catch up for video poker to become widely available. 

The boom finally took place in the 1980s, when video poker machines started appearing in casinos all over the world and curious players were quick to try out the new gaming options. After a while, it became pretty clear for experienced players that video poker machines had a low house edge and so they provided better odds for winning in the long run.

Several variants have been developed over the years, Aces and Faces is one of the most popular. It is based on the standard Jacks or Better version, where players need to get a minimum of a pair of Jacks to receive a payout, but it adds a couple of extra prizes. A similar variant is called Aces & Eights.

You can find these video poker titles in most casinos, often as options on the same machines. Also, you can opt to play online and enjoy the easy access that comes with gambling over the internet. The top casinos offer perfectly secure conditions and fair games so that you can enjoy your time and bet real money without any hassle.

What Makes the game so popular?

Aces and Faces is not as popular as the standard version of Jacks or Better, but it does get plenty of action among frequent players. Of course, it remains pretty much the same, so it is a variant that all fans of video poker can enjoy without having to learn new strategies. If you like Jacks or Better, you will probably also enjoy playing Aces & Faces, or Aces & Eights.

If you haven’t yet played video poker, you are slightly better off starting with Jacks or Better. Aces and Faces adds a couple of extra payouts for specific combinations, and they should be taken into account when there is the potential to form them. The difference in the actual gameplay is minimal, so you don’t have to worry too much about it.

Most players who enjoy video poker also like other versions of poker. Oasis poker and five card draw are probably the most similar games. However, you play on a machine rather than at a table. Fans of casino hold'em, Caribbean stud poker, and Texas hold'em are also encouraged to give Aces and Faces a trial run. In fact, all casino players should try video poker machines because they are fun to play and generally have higher return rates than most other games.

A Quick Guide to Aces & Faces Video Poker

First of all, you can find Aces & Faces at most online casinos and in land-based casinos. It is sometimes part of the same machine, typically called video poker, and the desired poker variation can be selected from the list. On start up, players are presented with the gaming screen. Most poker machines use a somewhat old-school design, even those available online. Don’t expect any impressive graphics or mind-blowing animations here.

You should first set the size of the bet that you wish to place. Video poker games are pretty welcoming when it comes to wagers. Choose the value of the coin and bet up to five coins. The total bet is displayed at the bottom, and you can start one round by clicking on the deal button. This will present five random cards from the deck of 52. You can select which cards you want to hold and which you want to replace. Click on the cards to keep them, and then press the deal/draw button.

In some versions, the recommended cards are held automatically, so that players don’t miss something by mistake. It is still possible to cancel the cards chosen and hold other combinations for different strategies.

The cards not held are replaced with random cards from the remaining deck, and so the final hand is complete. Payouts are granted based on the strength of the hand, starting from a pair of Jacks. In Aces and Faces, special payouts are included for getting four Aces or four Jacks/Queens/Kings. The combo of four Aces is the second most valuable, after a royal flush, frequently paying 800:1 when betting five coins.

Not all Aces & Faces poker games are the same, and there are a lot of variations when it comes to the rates in the paytable. A good variant pays: 

  • 800:1 for Royal Flush
  • 80:1 for Four Aces
  • 50:1 for Straight Flush
  • 40:1 for Four of a Kind of Kings, Queens, or Jacks (also known as face cards)
  • 25:1 for any other Four of a Kind combination
  • 8:1 for Full House
  • 5:1 for Flush
  • 4:1 for Straight
  • 3:1 for Three of a Kind
  • 2:1 for Two Pair
  • 1:1 for Pair of Jacks or Better

The theoretical return to player rate (RTP) in this case is of 99.25%.

Some Aces & Faces Video Poker games are played with multiple hands, sometimes exceeding 50 hands per round. It is good to point out that each hand is played individually with a separate deck and it requires its own bet. The only common factor is represented by the cards held after the initial draw.

And that is not all. The action doesn’t have to end after getting a winning combination. Almost all video poker games nowadays have a doubling mini-game. It can be started by pressing the Double button after a win. The screen then shows five random cards where the first one is visible, and the rest are facing down. You have to pick a card that has a higher ranking than the first one. If you manage to get it right, you double the win. You can try again and double it again. However, if you get it wrong once, you lose the full amount that you entered and accumulated in the doubling game.

Best Strategies to Minimize the House Edge

Before playing Aces and Faces, or Aces and Eights, the first thing you should do is check out the paytable. As we mentioned previously, there isn’t a set table used by all developers. This results in different variations, some of which can be major. While the example paytable above is widely available among top developers and it provides a low house edge, other variants can pay less for some combinations, and this lowers the RTP. For example, if the machine has a lower payout rate of just 6:1 for a full house, the return can go down to about 96%.

On the topic of payouts, you should also bet five coins every time. Almost all video poker machines have an increased rate for a royal flush when betting five coins. This means that you win more, relative to the size of the bet, if you wager five coins rather than one, even if the total amont staked is the same. The standard rate at five coins is of 800:1, while a royal flush at one coin only pays 500:1. This doesn’t mean that you have to bet the maximum, but just that you should use a lower coin value. Instead of betting one coin of €5, you should bet five coins of €1 each.

As far as playing strategies for Aces & Faces Video Poker, the extra payout for four Aces should be taken into account. This means that it is recommended to break a strong hand for the chance to get four of a kind. In the rare case that you have a full house with three Aces and another pair, you should only hold the Aces and change the other two. A full house only pays a bit more than three of a kind, while the much bigger payout for four Aces can make it worth the risk.

Other than that, a standard video poker strategy can be used for Aces and Faces. A few refresher tips on the matter would be to hold a low pair rather than two high cards unless you have four cards of the same suit. Also, draw to an outside straight that can be completed on either end, but don’t break a low pair for an inside straight since it doesn’t provide good enough odds in the long run.

Closing Verdict

Aces and Faces is a nice variant of video poker that can be found with ease online and in brick and mortar casinos. It can offer a high RTP, as long as you verify the paytable and stay away from the awful options. However, it is not the easiest casino game you can find. Video poker is quite tricky to master and is usually a recommended choice for fans of poker who already have the required skills.

Luck, of course, still plays a significant role even if you mastered the machines. It is a gambling game, and it should be treated as such. As for the entertainment level, we can honestly say that Aces & Faces is fun since it has big payouts for the rare combinations, which makes every round entertaining. The game may not be as exciting as other modern video slots, but video poker machines are definitely not dull. You can try your luck today to see if you like them as much as we do!