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The correct strategy in this game returns an RTP of 98.91%. Discover how and the best Deuces Wild Video Poker casinos available where you live now

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You Have to Try This! Deuces Wild Video Poker can be the Perfect Game!

Video poker is a top-rated casino game played on a computerised machine. The gameplay is based on standard poker rules, and the player receives a payout based on the strength of the hand. A 52 card deck is used and shuffled before every hand. Once the bet is placed, five cards are given to the player, who can opt to hold or replace any or all of them. After the cards are replaced, the hand is final, and the prize is granted according to the stated amount of the published paytable. Best videopoker mobile apps

The game began being added to casino floors in the 1980's, and it quickly caught the attention of frequent players with its low house edge. You can find video poker machines in most brick and mortar casinos. If you prefer playing online, video poker games are part of most collections at the top sites.

Deuces Wild is one of the main variants of video poker that adds a nice extra feature. As the name implies, the four cards for the deuce (2) are wild, meaning they can replace any needed card to form the highest ranking hand. Four deuces also have their own payout, which is usually the second biggest in the game, after a natural royal flush.

A similar variant is called Deuces & Jokers, which adds an additional Joker card to the deck that is also wild. Joker Poker, also known as Joker Wild, is a video poker version where only the extra Joker card is wild.

To learn more about Deuces Wild Video Poker, we have a full guide, complete with tips and strategies, right here for you.  

Deuces Wild appeals typically to players who like the standard Jacks or Better Video Poker game. The addition of wild symbols to the gameplay makes the action a bit more exciting and more straightforward to form rare combinations. However, it is good to note that the lowest paying hand is of three of a kind and not a pair of Jacks.

For newcomers to video poker games, Deuces Wild can first appear to be a bit too complicated, but it doesn’t take long to understand how everything works. While the casino game is more difficult to play correctly than other options, such as video slots or roulette, it does provide some nice perks.

Arguably the main reason why players love Deuces Wild Video Poker is its low house edge. It is one of the highest paying games you can find in a casino, and some machines even provide an RTP of just over 100%. The standard paytable, however, lowers the rates for some combinations and so the house edge can be increased to around 1-2%. 

Deuces Wild is easily accessible, and it is played individually, so it is better for customers who don’t like crowded tables. Most machines have a large betting range to cater to clients with different bankrolls, so there is no reason to worry about that. Online games can even be played for free, just for the fun of it. 

You can start playing Deuces Wild in a matter of minutes. Online casinos provide effortless access to the games, but you should first learn the basics before betting real money.

The first step is determining the size of the bet. This should fit your bankroll and allow you to play multiple rounds without relying on wins. Basic bankroll management strategies encourage players to only bet up to 5% per round. You can set the right wager from the dashboard by selecting the coin value and the number of coins you wish to bet. It is always best to use five coins of smaller value instead of one large coin since the payout rate for a natural royal flush is higher when you do so.

In some video poker machines, you can also select how many hands you want to play per round, up to 100 in some cases. Each hand requires a separate bet, and it is played with a dedicated deck of cards. Only the cards which are held from the initial hand will be the same.

Now, you have to press the Deal button to start the round and see what cards you get. You can then hold any of the five cards by clicking on them or by pressing the respective buttons underneath. Deuces are customarily held automatically and shouldn't be replaced since they are wild. Once you have selected the cards you want to keep, you just have to press the Draw button to get the new cards and complete the hand. Your prize will be granted automatically.

After landing a winning hand, you can opt to gamble the amount by pressing the respective button. There are usually two versions of this mini-game that can be found in Deuces Wild machines. Some doubling games present a card and the player has to guess its colour, be it black or red. A correct guess will double the amount, something which can be done multiple times in a row until the limit is reached.

Another version presents five cards instead of one. The first card is visible, and the others are not. The goal here is to pick a card that has a higher ranking than the one showing. The actual value of the cards is random, so it is possible to get all four cards of higher ranking. Of course, it is also possible for none of the cards to be higher than the one showing. 

To win a prize in Deuces Wild Video Poker, you need to have a hand of three of a kind or stronger. Three of a kind pays even money, also known as 1:1. The actual ranking of the cards does not matter since three fours pay as much as three Aces.

As for the payout rates for the other combinations, there can be some variation based on the machine. The ideal paytable, also known as a Full Pay version, has a theoretical return to player rate of about 100%. However, this is almost impossible to find nowadays, and machines with a lower RTP are more common.

A standard paytable, which is used by some of the most prominent developers, such as NetEnt and Playtech, is as follows:

  • 800:1 for Natural Royal Flush

  • 200:1 for Four Deuces

  • 25:1 for Wild Royal Flush

  • 15:1 for Five of a Kind

  • 9:1 for Straight Flush

  • 4:1 for Four of a Kind

  • 4:1 for Full House

  • 3:1 for Flush

  • 2:1 for Straight

  • 1:1 for Three of a Kind

In this case, the RTP is of 98.91%.

We mentioned before that different video poker machines can have different payout rates. This means that players are highly recommended to check the table before betting real money. While the example above is pretty favourable for the player, some variants of Deuces Wild Video Poker can have a house edge of over 5%. This is usually achieved by lowering the payout rates for the mid-range combinations, such as four of a kind, full house, and flush. You can check the paytable and compare it to the example provided to see if it is proper.

The optimal strategy for Deuces Wild is based around the special cards. In rare scenarios where you have three deuces in a hand, you should check to see if there is potential for a wild royal flush and also hold 10/Jack/Queen/King/Ace (of the same suit). If you don’t have any of these high cards, it is best only to hold the deuces.

For hands with two deuces, hold additional cards that form four of a kind or higher with the wilds and replace the remaining one. If not applicable, only hold the deuces.

With one deuce in the hand, the best route would be to check for the following combinations in order and hold the respective cards. Formed four of a kind or higher, four cards of a royal flush, an established full house, four cards of a straight flush, a formed straight or flush, three cards of a royal flush, three cards of a straight flush, or just the deuce.

We have a few closing thoughts before you head on over to the Deuces Wild Video Poker machines. First of all, remember to follow the expert tips and check the paytable. This will help you locate the games with the best RTP rates so that you can win more in the long run. Video poker is known for its low house edge so you should take advantage of this fact. 

Deuces Wild remains quite challenging to play. Our expert guide will help you learn the ropes, and we also recommend practising for free to sharpen your skills even further. After a while, you will be more than ready to bet and win real cash. Remember to have fun and enjoy the thrilling experience that video poker games provide with payouts that can go up to 800 times the bet!

Aces and Faces

In Aces and Faces, special payouts are included for getting four Aces or four Jacks/Queens/Kings. The combo of four Aces is the second most valuable, after a royal flush, frequently paying 800:1 when betting five coins.

Not all Aces & Faces poker games are the same, and there are a lot of variations when it comes to the rates in the paytable. A good variant pays: 

  • 800:1 for Royal Flush

  • 80:1 for Four Aces

  • 50:1 for Straight Flush

  • 40:1 for Four of a Kind of Kings, Queens, or Jacks (also known as face cards)

  • 25:1 for any other Four of a Kind combination

  • 8:1 for Full House

  • 5:1 for Flush

  • 4:1 for Straight

  • 3:1 for Three of a Kind

  • 2:1 for Two Pair

  • 1:1 for Pair of Jacks or Better

Double Bonus Poker

  • 800:1 for Royal Flush

  • 50:1 for Straight Flush

  • 160:1 for Four of a Kind (Aces)

  • 80:1 for Four of a Kind (2, 3, or 4)

  • 50:1 for Four of a Kind (5-Kings)

  • 9:1 for Full House

  • 7:1 for Flush

  • 5:1 for Straight

  • 3:1 for Three of a Kind

  • 1:1 for Two Pair

  • 1:1 for Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better

  • 800:1 for a Royal Flush

  • 50:1 for a Straight Flush

  • 25:1 for Four of a Kind

  • 9:1 for a Full House

  • 6:1 for a Flush

  • 4:1 for a Straight

  • 3:1 for Three of a Kind

  • 2:1 for Two Pairs

  • 1:1 for a Pair of Jacks or higher

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