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Our Experts Answer the Most Popular Questions Regarding Double Bonus Video Poker!

What is Double Bonus Video Poker?

If you are new to video poker casino games, it can be difficult to know the differences between the available variants. There are so many that look pretty much the same at first sight, understandably, some players can be confused. Video poker has been popular since the eighties, and will almost certainly be available at your chosen online casino. If you are having difficulty locating the game, we recommend checking out the casino reviews presented on this site.

Double Bonus Poker is one of the main variants of the standard video poker machines. It is based on the regular Jacks or Better option, but it has some variations when it comes to the payouts. The main feature of the Double Bonus Video Poker machines, however, is represented by the additional prizes for four Aces, for four of a kind of 2's, 3's, or 4's, and for four of a kind for 5's through to Kings. We will talk more about the effects on the gameplay in the expert guide.

You should also know that there is a similar variant called Double Double Bonus Poker. This option has an extra payout for getting some four of a kind combinations with specific kickers. It further increases the volatility of the game and can generate more substantial wins as a result.

Are You Ready to Play Real Money Double Bonus Poker?

There are some differences to playing Double Bonus Video Poker that you should take into account. If you like the standard Jacks or Better variation of video poker, but you want something with a bit more kick to it, this can be the best option. Having the extra payout rates for the rare combinations can appeal to players who like chasing huge prizes. The downside is that these machines pay less for the lower ranking hands that are easier to achieve, such as two pairs.

Double Bonus Poker and Double Double Bonus Poker have higher volatility than your regular video poker games. This means that players stand to win less frequently but collect more substantial prizes. It depends on how you like to gamble. For fans of slots who want to try something a bit different, these games are recommended alternatives. On the other hand, for blackjack players who prefer claiming small prizes frequently, Double Bonus is not the ideal choice.

The low house edge, however, can appeal to all types of casino players. This is a general attraction for the video poker category that also applies to Double Bonus Poker. The most common machines that you can find online have a theoretical return of about 99%, which is very good. It can vary a lot however since not all paytables are the same.

What Are the Game Rules?

Video poker is a bit harder to play than your standard casino game since it requires players to make decisions which will influence the outcome. However, you should not worry about it too much since it doesn’t take long to get a grip on the basics. Most machines use a relatively simple interface that you can master straight away.

When you start a Double Bonus Video Poker game, be it online or on a machine in a land-based casino, you will typically get the paytable on top and a few buttons at the bottom. The paytable presents the rates for the different hand rankings when betting one, two, three, four, and five coins. You can set the wager from the dashboard by selecting the coin value, which can be between €0.25 and €5 for most games. Then decide how many coins you are betting per round. We recommend always betting five coins, regardless of their value, since the payout for a royal flush is boosted in this case.

Press the Deal button to get started. You will receive five random cards, which are dealt from a standard deck of 52 cards. Now, you can hold the cards you wish to keep in hand by clicking on them or by pressing the buttons located under each card. Some machines can hold cards automatically based on a clear strategy to make things easier for the player. After you select the preferred cards, you can click on Draw to replace the other ones and complete your hand.

You win if you get a pair of Jacks or better. As we mentioned previously, the actual rates for different combinations depend on the machine since there isn’t a standard that applies to all games. This, in turn, influences the house edge. Microgaming and other developers use the following table for Double Bonus Poker:

  • 800:1 for Royal Flush
  • 50:1 for Straight Flush
  • 160:1 for Four of a Kind (Aces)
  • 80:1 for Four of a Kind (2, 3, or 4)
  • 50:1 for Four of a Kind (5-Kings)
  • 9:1 for Full House
  • 7:1 for Flush
  • 5:1 for Straight
  • 3:1 for Three of a Kind
  • 1:1 for Two Pair
  • 1:1 for Jacks or Better

This variation is known as the 9-7-5 Double Bonus machine, and it has an RTP of 99.1%.

A winning hand pays automatically. However, you will also get an option to use the prize money to enter the doubling bonus game. You need to click on Double to get started. The screen changes to present the feature, which can be in one of two formats. The first is a classic doubling game where you have to guess the colour of a random card. The second format uses five cards, out of which the first is facing up, and you have to select another card with a higher value to win. In both cases, it is possible to double up multiple times in a row until the limit is reached.

How to Play Double Bonus Poker Optimally for More Wins?

An essential part of playing Double Bonus Poker is picking the right game. You have quite a few options when browsing online casinos so you should not have to settle for something less than great. Compare the paytable and see which one offers the best rates. Don’t get too impressed by the large payouts since most variations are in the middle, like the rates for a full house, flush, and a straight.

Before you get started, you should set aside a decent bankroll that can face the very high variance that Double Bonus has. You will not win a lot of times, but you will benefit from larger payouts when you get lucky, so you need to survive between big wins.

The actual playing strategy is a bit more complicated than the one used in Jacks or Better but remains mostly similar. You will have to pay attention to hands that have a high potential of forming four of a kind since the large payouts can make it worth taking a risk in some cases. 

In most cases, the decision to hold cards is pretty clear. However, there are some frequent mistakes that many players make which can end up costing them in the long run. One such error is keeping a low pair and an additional high card in the hopes of getting two pairs. However, it is better only to hold the low pair and use the additional card as an extra chance at getting three of a kind, which pays 3:1 rather than 1:1 for two pairs.

A low pair can be broken if you have a draw to an outside straight, which can be completed on both ends. Inside straight draws, however, don’t provide good enough odds to merit breaking a pair, even if it is low and doesn’t pay on its own.

If you have a high pair and a straight draw, you should keep the pair and discard the other three cards. The odds are that in the long term you lose more by chasing straights if you break pairs of Jacks or higher.

Another problematic scenario can be when you have a straight flush with a draw to a royal flush. Most players will take the risk here and exchange the extra card (which is a 9) for the chance to get a suited Ace and complete the royal flush. However, the chances of getting that ace are pretty slim, and it is better to hold the straight flush and get the 50:1 payout.

In a hand with a full house formed with three Aces and another pair, the recommended move in Double Bonus Poker is only to hold the Aces. The payout for four Aces is much bigger than the one for a full house, so it is worth taking the risk with two shots at the rare combination.

The Promise of Big Payouts and Lots of Excitement

Having extra payout rates that can go up to 160:1 can make the gameplay more thrilling. It is exhilarating to see four Aces in a hand when playing Double Bonus Poker. However, additions to the paytable come at a cost and so lower ranking hands are paid less in this variation of video poker than in other versions, resulting in higher volatility. The RTP remains high, especially if you find a machine with good rates overall.

Luck will always have a role to play in casino games, but when it comes to Double Bonus Video Poker, it is not as significant as it is in other gambling options. The right strategy and a bit of skill can increase the winnings over multiple sessions, so we strongly recommend following the expert tips provided here. Overall, Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus are very much casino games that deserve a spin!