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Players can now Win a Progressive Jackpot in Video Poker!

Get Familiar with the Concept of Progressive Jackpot Poker

Video poker is a type of casino game that has a large following all over the world. It is one of the most played options in the casino and comes in multiple variations with some unique features. Most players are attracted to video poker machines because of their low house edge and the potential to generate big wins. The game offers payouts based on the strength of the hand with a top draw royal flush offering mega odds.

Some operators have seen fit to make the royal flush hand even more valuable by adding a progressive jackpot to the mix. This top prize increases when players on the network place real money bets, meaning that it can reach a significant amount over time. The jackpot is won when any player gets the rare hand, and then the prize resets to the starting level so that the process can start all over again.

Progressive Jackpot Video Poker machines can quickly catch the attention of players with the promise of big wins but is this option better than standard video poker games? We will tackle this question from different angles in the following guidelines so that you can make the best decision when playing casino games, be it online or at land-based casinos.

The Players who will like these versions of Video Poker 

The first thing to address is the type of players that are best suited for Progressive Video Poker. The easy answer is if you like video poker machines and enjoy chasing big prizes; then the answer has got to be that you will love these games. The extra jackpot feature can be very desirable, especially if the jackpot has already had the chance to grow and now at a high level.

Some poker knowledge of poker hands is required to play video poker optimally, so the game tends to be more popular among experienced poker players. Knowing the different hand rankings and calculating odds based on a 52-card deck is an advantage. If you feel like you have a solid base in this regard, you can be a good fit for Jackpot Poker.

Another factor to consider is the required bet to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. Not all wagers qualify, and in most cases, players are required to bet five coins worth €1 each for the chance to win the top prize. Using fewer coins in a wager will only provide a standard payout when getting a royal flush, which is much lower. It is not worth playing a progressive jackpot video poker machine if you don’t meet the betting requirement for winning the jackpot. Betting €5 per round is not for everyone so it can be better to opt for the standard versions that can accept much smaller bets. 

Your Best Guide to Playing Progressive Jackpot Video Poker 

A progressive jackpot can be found in different variants of video poker. The most popular is in the standard Jacks or Better version, which can also be called Jackpot Poker in this case. Deuces Wild variants can also have a progressive jackpot, but the payout is only awarded for landing a royal flush of a specific suite, usually of diamonds. In a progressive Joker Poker machine, the prize is triggered when hitting a royal flush without using the Joker card.

The general the gameplay is much the same, regardless of the variant selected. You get a screen with the paytable, which also includes the current value of the jackpot, the cards, and the playing dashboard. From the buttons located at the bottom, you can set the size of the bet. As we mentioned previously, you should make sure that you meet the requirement for the jackpot by betting five coins per round. Some machines can also allow you to select multiple hands to be played in the same round.

The game commences with five random cards after betting, and you can replace any or all of them once. Just hold the cards you want to keep in your hand and discard the rest by pressing the lower right corner button. Random cards from the deck will complete the hand, which is now final. You receive a payout based on the strength of the hand, with the lowest paying combination being a pair of Jacks in the standard version. 

The rates for the combinations depend on the selected machine, and there is plenty of variation in this case. Progressive poker machines have lower rates than the standard version to feed the jackpot. As a result, you can find games that pay 25:1 for a straight flush instead of 50:1, or 5:1 for a full house instead of 9:1. The lower rates generally remain the same, so you get 1:1 for a pair of Jacks, 2:1 for two pairs, and 3:1 for three of a kind. 

The standard payout for a royal flush is of 800:1. When it comes to progressive machines, this is only the starting point for the jackpot based on the required bet to qualify. The amount increases by a small percentage when betting real cash. As a result, the house edge decreases as the jackpot gets increases.

While a regular Progressive Jackpot Video Poker game in a Jacks or Better variant can have a lower RTP of about 96% when starting out, it can improve and get closer to 100% if the jackpot is big enough. In fact, with a massive pot, the current RTP of a machine can be higher than 100%. For every additional 1,000 credits added to the progressive jackpot, the return increases by around 0.5%.

The variance also goes up since the payout rates for the other combinations remain the same and the royal flush is more important.

Dedicated Tips and Strategies to Get You Closer to the Win

There are a few things that you should check before investing your hard-earned money in a Progressive Jackpot Video Poker machine. The first is the size of the jackpot. In most cases, the amount starts at €4,000 (800:1 on a €5 bet), so this is where the house edge is the biggest. It is best to avoid playing when the jackpot is small since the machine doesn’t provide a good enough return. If the jackpot reaches €8,000, you are mainly looking at a video poker machine with an RTP of about 99.60% and very high variance. A 100% return is customarily reached when the jackpot is of approximately €8,700.

You should take a look at the payout rates and make sure that the machine is not paying worse than the standard. 8/5 video poker machines that pay 8:1 for a full house and 5:1 for a flush are pretty standard. 

Once you are playing a progressive machine with a sizeable jackpot, the strategy should also change to provide better odds of winning the highly coveted prize. This means that it is alright to break a straight flush if you have a royal flush draw. You should also consider breaking a formed hand of three of a kind if you have three cards of a royal flush.

This strategy will further increase the variance of the game while providing better odds of hitting the jackpot. You can expect a 20% increase in the chances of getting a royal flush if you modify the standard video poker strategy accordingly.   

The effects will also be felt on your bankroll since you stand to win less frequently. Make sure that your balance is big enough to support big swings since you are likely to bet large amounts without great returns. The goal here is to win the jackpot and not to claim small prizes since the payout for a royal flush largely influences the house edge.

Are they worth Playing! Here is our opinion

There are, as you might expect, both pros and cons to playing progressive video poker games. The advantages are that you can win a significant amount of money if you play at the right time and get a bit of luck. Prizes that can exceed €10,000 are not uncommon for some of these online machines, which results in an RTP that easily exceeds 100%. However, it is not that easy, and you take a more significant risk with the progressive version than you do playing the standard options. It can be difficult to chase the jackpot, and the bankroll has to be big enough to support long sessions.

As far as game entertainment is concerned, it is a lot of fun. You get to see the jackpot increase as you play, making it more and more attractive. You will get a thrill when you have a royal flush draw, and you exchange that final card that can be worth thousands of credits. However, you should remain focused and remember that skilled players have a better shot at winning. So is it worth it? Yes, if you want a high variance video poker machine, a progressive jackpot can be the best feature.