Bally Casino - Verification issues

I have gambled all my life. I am 43 and have always went to a live casino. Recently meaning in the last 6 months or maybe a year. I have downloaded an app for ballyscasino. Actually I won 25k with the lucky lady’s back in April of 2010 or 2011 at Ballys casino in Atlantic City. Within the last 6 months to a year I have lost more than 70k. Recently after making 35k with 3k. I know I have to go through a verification process bc it was actually a new debit card that I was using. So I’m the meantime I can’t cash out n end up loosing the 35k plus another 40k of my own money. I never received a call from anyone to check up on me. If that was a live casino I would have every security guard plus pit boss around me. That being said after I loose 40k and they deposit a 1500 bonus I feel insulted call in that I’m loosing a lot and cannot understand how I can’t just cash out bc if this was a live casino I would be treated a lot differently and a lot better service. They just closed my account bc I was asking for more bonus and a reconsideration to my situation after loosing so much money all at once. I would truly appreciate that if they have closed my account and I cannot gamble to refund me my entire money within the last 6 months and I will let them put me on the backlist. Bc I will never invest that kind of money for that kind of service ever again.

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Jan 01, 2023
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