Bet Fury - Bonus abuse

Betfury has something they call furchage. It means that if you have wagered about 1.000 dollars you get 1% back doing next week. That’s 1 dollar you can get in 5 currencies. Now that’s first bonus. If you have reached a higher lvl wich I have (lvl8) you should get 1.4% back an increase of 40% now I couldn’t see it by playing so I tested it with 2 other players that got 1%. We all get 1 % I do not get 1.4% now this a problem for all players but betfury writes it off with this answer always “there are many factors to furcharge. But there are not tested it with the currency usdt.

I can give you my game name but it won’t help the issue. But I would soo much like to hear what you have to say about this.

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Jun 07, 2023
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