BonusBet Casino - Bonus abuse

Hi these online casinos offer deposit bonus say you deposit $30 the bonus might be 50fs but the catch is the Wadger rollover is what they call it well I don't think they should be called Free because it's not free they offer $100 free cash 100 fs 25 fs never without Expectations behind it called Wadger if they give you $100 an you win $370 just remember if you don't Wadger $8500 you can't receive the free cash. My complaint is they use free when its free with impossible rollover rules 16 deposit with bonus 0 wins my Wadger was always $4000 $6000 $2500 $1300 off my $30 deposit an 50 fs that's how much I have to win before withdraw winnings I started to deposit just to see if it was possible 16 losses gave me my answer if casinos do offer bonus with deposit or free spins free money don't forget to explain it on the same line as FREE100 code okay it should say Free with casinos expectations that's impossible to live up to or just keep it at play for fun

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Feb 10, 2023
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