Cashalot Casino - Declined payment

Good day Sirs

With this message i intend to formally invite all of you to stay away from the on line casino named "" for the following reasons:

I deposited 350 euros after my account was opened and no bonus asked.

I played live BJ and had a balance of 1350 after about ten hands, due to the last round played and won with a lucky split+ mix pair side bet + three of kind sidebet.

I tried to withdraw 1350 eur and after about 6 days, after having approved my security documentation, they suddenly closed my account and only gave me back the initial 350 euros. They said I used illegal strategies to win.


So I asked for an explanation but they told me they don't have to give it to me. But what is this behavior? I don't know how is possible to have a strategy not legal when you are playing using your smartphone, in remote way.

They didn't gave me any concrete reason nor explanation.

I asked what was this alleged illegal strategy and they didn't gave me any explanation because "you could share the strategy with other persons"

So, they cannot tell me what concerns this strategy because is secret... uhm... very complicated to understand

I only bet and i was lucky, by my point of view (one time in the life)

They decided to not pay my money won.

I m so sad about this. I think they are thieves. Nothing less, nothing more than this, so, STAY AWAY FROM THEM

Quick facts

Date raised
Dec 12, 2021
Disputed amount
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