Casino Rocket - Account closure

Details regarding the matter at hand.

Date the matter commenced: 17/11/2022

I began by depositing $50 and then as I had no luck I deposited more and more as the casino support told me to up my deposits and that by doing so I would be rewarded, before I knew it $5350 had been deposited. I was aware of the wagering requirements prior to cashing out which is three times your depositing amount and believed I had met these requirements so proceeded to cashout my remaining balance of $5000, upon doing so I received an email from Damien from the KYC team requesting information as to why the sudden increase in my deposit history I explained that this is due to my bank approving an overdraw on each of the deposits I made, this is a feature that my bank allows if you have a good credit rating, Damien requested 3 months of bank statements which I provided to him in the email immediately and also uploaded to the website.

The following day I logged into the casino to find that my account had been temporarily suspended, with no warning or explanation and after providing them with the documents they had requested. Damien never responded to my email after sending him the requested documents.

I then was requested to complete a Skype call in order to verify my identity, which I found strange as the casino have already allowed me to previously cash out in total $22,600 excluding the current pending amount of $5000.

My account with casino rocket has been verified since April 2021.

The Skype call took place on the 21-11-2022.

On The 23/11/2022 my manager emails me stating that my account has been reopened.

I then received another email from the support team stating that my cash out has been cancelled due to not having fully wagered it as the wagering requirements for a deposit is 3 times the depositing amount, so I continued to go and wager this to then receive an email from my manager requesting I kindly cash out, so I cashed out to my previously used bank account the account details for this are saved on the casino site in my account, my cashout kept being declined by the casino due to the casino wanting to cash out to my deposit method, I explained and uploaded documents showing that this bank account is closed, I have never had any issues like this in the past and have always been able to cash out to my designated bank account.

The following day my account was disabled and going forward it is still disabled with no explanation, I still have not received my cash out and this has not been paid to me, there is currently $5350 in my rocket casino account.

I believe this matter requires intervention by a third party for resolution.

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Dec 01, 2022
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