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I opened an account with Dexterbet on February 21, 2023. It is verified, there are many deposits and several withdrawals. My current balance is €3,816.82 (for the purposes of the complaint, recorded as $4,200 at today's EUR/USD rate.

My betting pattern is as follows:

Only sports bets, I have played very little in the casino. Bet size: €100-300, game intensity: 20-25 bets per week. Sports: soccer and tennis. Almost all bets (over 95%) are on live betting.

On May 2, I received the following letter from them:


Dear *****,

Your account has been flagged in our database by the risk and fraud prevention department due to suspicious activities.

The specific T&Cs the player is in breach of are listed below:

Arbitrage: Arbitrage betting is one of the widely spread unfair betting tactics. It refers to the situation, when the player places proportionate bets on opposing outcome of the same event in different bookmaking companies. By appropriate correlation between odds and placed amounts, certain amount of profit is ensured regardless of the outcome.

Termination of user account:

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to cancel your registration, withhold your account monies, suspend your account for a limited period of time, or close your account if:

You have taken advantage of, or are suspected of taking advantage of, a system error or game error to make financial gains or gain an unfair advantage (ARBITRAGE);

We have zero tolerance for inappropriate play and fraudulent activity. This includes, but is not limited to, cheating, game manipulation, attempting to defraud us or other users of the website, payment fraud, payment reversals, use of stolen credit cards, money laundering or other attempts to deposit funds obtained from ill-gotten means. We will withhold all payments to you where your involvement in any of the above acts or activities is suspected and we reserve the right to suspend or close your Account and bar you from further participation in the website.

Your wining will be fortified and your account deactivated permanently.

Thanks for understanding



I decided to research the matter of arbitrage betting. I couldn't find the word "arbitrage" in Dexterbet's Terms and Conditions. I continued my search on Google by entering " arbitrage." Once again, I didn't find any reference to their page explaining how they handle this phenomenon. I continued my research on "arbitrage betting" using the help of Chat GPT-4, clarified the matter, and formulated the following arguments, which I have already sent in a complaint to the management of Dexterbet (I quote them verbatim):


1. The word "arbitrage" is not even present in your current rules:

2. The statement in your letter, "Arbitrage betting is one of the widely spread unfair betting tactics," not only includes a term not treated in your rules but is also incorrect.

According to the information I found and summarized on the subject, I received a conclusion from Chat GPT-4:

"This technique is not considered unfair, as it does not violate the bookmaker's rules or the country's legislation."

Indeed, as shown by practice and your own rules, the "Arbitrage betting" hypothesis should not lead to actions suspending my account and confiscating my balance. Additionally, I will provide arguments for the inapplicability of this technique in our relationship.

3. To engage in arbitrage betting, at least two different bookmakers must be used. Validating your "Arbitrage betting" hypothesis would require information from "third parties," and providing it would violate the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

4. Sometimes arbitrage opportunities can be found among multiple markets or bet types within a single bookmaker. Clearly, our case is not one of those.

5. In live betting conditions, when the odds change every second, specialized software (a bot) is needed to execute arbitrage bets. My activity with you is entirely in live betting mode, with low activity - about 20 bets per week. I believe you can verify that I have not used a bot.


I have saved files with the rules of Dexterbet and with Google searches as of May 02, which clearly shows that the word "abitrage" is not currently present on the Dexterbet site. I.e. I am accused of violating their rules by practicing something (arbitrage) that is not in their rules. This thing (arbitrage) ".... is not considered unfair, as it does not violate the bookmaker's rules or the country's legislation.". This "arbitrage" thing is conspicuously absent from my betting history and is practically inapplicable to my betting model (live betting).

I hope for a fair resolution to this case and that we can finalize our relationship in the only acceptable way for me - Dexterbet to reopen my account so I can withdraw my available balance.

I am asking for Gamblescope's objective assessment of the situation and their intervention to reach a fair resolution.

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