Doggo Casino - Player’s experiencing difficulties withdrawing his winnings

I’m gutted with Doggo Casino for delaying my winnings for over three weeks now. Here’s a vivid description of what happened. Signing up was fast, and games were good, and I got lucky to win after many failed attempts.

To my disappointment, I was asked to send over documents for KYC verification while withdrawing. Apparently, you have to perform this procedure before making your 1st cashout. In my experience, casinos would allow you to withdraw up to a specific limit to complete the KYC verification.

However, since it was my 1st win at the casino, I obliged. I was eager to receive my earnings. So, I sent over the required documents, and they acknowledged the receipt of the documents. Days go by without even a word from the casino. So, I decided to check their KYC policy, and I learned the process takes about three days.

I was worried since it had been a week without any feedback. So, I contacted customer support, and after a lengthy and slow conversation, they asked me to resubmit the documents. They didn’t give me any genuine reason for sending the documents again.

After sending the documents, they assured the relevant department would contact me. A week later, still nothing. No communication. I decide to text them via live chat support concerning the same matter, and surprisingly they ask for the documents again!

These were delaying tactics as if they didn’t want to payout. I had won a proper amount, over $2,000. I had to go through slow and unresponsive chat support again without any progress or help. The agents pretended like they didn’t understand. I turned to email the casino, and it took days to get a response.

Finally, they replied and dared to request the documents yet again. That’s the 3rd time now! I got frustrated after a drag of a conversation, but since I couldn’t let go of my winnings, I sent the required documents as per the standard.

So far, I’ve received only one email from the casino that only acknowledges the receipt of my documents. It’s been three (3) weeks now, and still nothing! I have made several deposits at this casino, and I’m wondering why it’s troublesome when requesting my winnings.

This worries me a lot, and I think I wouldn’t be playing here again if this became a trend. In this day and age, payouts should be prompt and swift!

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May 25, 2022
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