Golden Axe Casino -

Won 10,000 euro jackpot after 12 months of deposits and no withdrawals.

I played up to 12,000 balance and withdraw 5,000 knowing that was their maximum monthly withdrawal.

They asked for all my docs and proof of my bloody fingerprints almost before telling me they had deleted my balance and cancelled the withdrawal.

As with all Curacao licensed casinos they are beyond dodgy. I am 99% sure that if you win and want to claim it that they harvest documents for fraud purposes. I say this because they asked me to jump through hoops in order to pass verification yet told me within hours the withdrawal was void.

I feel at this point I should make a few facts known, 1) I never accept bonuses. They Re designed to make profitable win impossible. 2) I have played online slots since the internet has been around. I know these processes and withdrawal/bonus terms like the back of my hand which Is why I avoid them.

6Black, Slots N Bets, Vegas, Gale & Martin, 777, the list goes on and on.... they are all set up to extort money from online players. THEY WILL NEVER EVER PAYOUT.

I am fortunate enough to have a very good income and I play for fun so the money doesn't effect me. Having said that I have won at 20+ Curacao licensed sites and NEVER been paid out a single penny.

You can tell from the customer service replies they are all ran by the same dodgy company. They say the same stuff on every site word for word.

They are dodgy Bulgarian developers that have been caught using dodgy software to manipulate the games outcomes. You always have a much better RTP% on these sites and they do it because they never have any intentions of paying you a single penny!

I have a youtube channel for slot streams and have documented this whole fraud for the 10th time.

If you want to join my ongoing victory at taking these sites down using law enforcement and better . programmers/hackers email me.


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James Shoesmith
Date raised
Mar 22, 2021
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