Las Atlantis - Verification issues

After going thru a very intrusive validation process (including opening a NEW bank account that accepts international transactions& meets all of their criteria), i was then told the final step would be to email them a bitcoin wallet address, even though i opted to use a bank wire for payouts, which is also why i sent them ALL of my banking info.

So why would i also have to send a bitcoin wallet address? When 8 asked someone in their live chat, he told me "because you have to verify a BACKUP payout option" What!? I have played and still play on other casinos. I have never had a problem being verified or receiving a payout.

Everything this casino states on their front page is a lie. They do not respond within 48 hours, yes they have live "customer support" 24/7- however, the live chat cannot answer any questions about payout or validation, because that is a "different department". And the validation department can ONLY be reached by email, & u can guarantee at least 3 days in between each email. Also- they claim "4 convenient payout options"- which is CLEARLY untrue- because upon choosing 1 of the 4, i was then told i would have to choose & verify a "backup" payout option.

I deposit money to this casino (using no bonus) & hit a jackpot. It was actually $22,000. But max cashout is $2,500.

They wont even pay me that. Horrible, horrible experience and i will be spending all day today while im off from work to spread the word far and wide.

Now, i have to lock my bank account and debit card as i feel all my info has been compromised. They didnt need it for payout purposes, so what do they need it for 🤔😑

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Jun 28, 2023
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