Megaslot - Account closure

I reported and asked for my account to be closed back in June/July last year. Not only did they not close my account, they talked me into continue gambling, and I foolishly agreed. Since then I’ve attempted committing suicide twice. I gambled more, then stopped. I brought the issue up and they still didn’t take it seriously. I have all the emails where I have requested to have me account closed and how they changed the title of the email subject. I’m not asking for anything prior to that date of being reimbursed or even the winnings after, all I want is what ever was the balance when I asked for the account closure and any monies deposited since that date to be reimbursed. When I asked for the account closure, if they would have agreed and let me go, I would not of attempted to kill myself nor would I be in the situation I am. And just on the 11th of March this year I had an email ask if I wanted to keep my VIP status in the casino.

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Apr 07, 2023
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