Miami Club - Missing Funds

I registered with Miami Casino Club to get a welcome bonus without deposit. I received the bonus and I ran it and won $172. The maximum withdrawal amount from this bonus is $100! so $72 will no longer be in the account. To withdraw the money I had to make a deposit of $25 and run it once. I made the deposit and rolled some of the money. I asked on livechat how much I have left to run and I was told that I have $5 left. I rolled another $5 and in total I won about $90 from my deposit. and then I made a withdrawal of 172 lei to cancel the 70 so that I could withdraw $100 (However, on live chat they told me that I could withdraw $150, not $100!) and I remained in the account with the earnings generated from my deposit . that is, approximately $70. The next day I received the email I attached. I went in again to talk to them on live chat and they told me that I only ran $15! and they denied that they told me that I only had $5 left to run! And actually I still had $10 to roll! And anyway, my funds earned from my deposit are gone. I still have about $125 left in my account, that is $100 from the bonus and $25 my deposit! The winnings from the deposit are no more! After they lied to me (they have all the chats saved) he also stole my winnings from the deposit! Please take a measurement!! Are there any chances to get my money back? Thank you very much!

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Aug 03, 2023
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