Ocean Breeze - Declined payment

I joined oceanbreeze casino in November 2020. After easy verification process I won money and the withdrawal was in my bank account next day. I played more, and won again. This time the winnings took longer to arrive- £5k per week they said which I appreciated. Eventually I had £70000 in my winnings. I asked for £5k max it took 5 weeks to be paid. After that, the casino took £65000 from my account and closed it. All email to them goes ignored, I appointed a lawyer to take them to court- they ignored all communication from the lawyer. I contacted gambling authorities- nothing they could do. I contacted the police - it’s a civil matter, take them to court they said. They have £65000 of my winnings and they’re just laughing at me. Their telephone number is fake- an online dating agency, and they only appear to communicate via chat process. They keep cutting me off, however once I was accused of using software to cheat- again I asked for proof/ nothing.

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Date raised
Dec 02, 2022
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