Planet 7 Casino - Delayed payment

This casino has poor communication they lie and try to avoid payments owed. I put my own deposit into this casino no bonuses used no wager just straight play fortunately I won 124.00 I went to cash out I returned an hr later and my withdraw request had been canceled. I talked to a gentleman for the company and he had said due the reason for cancellation was cause I had played two free chips and that was not allowed. At first I thought to myself hmm doesn't seem legit cause remind you these were chips I had used weeks apart from one another with a deposit between the two chips also they were sent to my email registered with casino not even played on the same day oh and another deposit I made after playing one chip loosing then deposit loosing chip lost n another deposit won. The gentleman said due to playing those chips I went against terms and conditions of the casino rules. He took my winnings and refunded me my 16 bucks to my account to play he said it voids the last transaction regarding the chips. I asked the employee of casino at the end of the conversation if I would be able to keep my winnings and cash out he said yes. I go back into casino and play I won from that 16 345.00 I went right back to request a withdraw. Two hrs pass and i log back into casino and my request was cancelled again I put two more request in and both cancelled. Again i get ahold of support regarding the cancellation they proceed to tell me again about those chips and took my winnings away. At this point I remain calm and ask for a manager. I speak to the manager at casino and i go on and explain cause I read the terms and conditions to casino all it stated was that you cannot play the same chip twice. I presented her my case and instantly she refunded me back my winnings as she was doin that she goes on and suggest coindraw bitcoin its faster payout. Remind you in all this mess and days prior to this mess my Identity had been verified and completely good to go. My bitcoin address was verified cause when she had refunded me the 345.00 16 of my deposit had went to my bitcoin address instantly. After all this I had to verify my identity four diffrerent times on the casino site it says my withdraw is pending but I chose coindraw which this company will not answer my questions regarding that company coindraw its supposed to be a faster payout but I emailed the company coindraw and received an email saying that the email belonging to reccomend by planet 7 casino was not a thing ??? Like doesn't exist. This casino has been such a horrible experience horrible customer service lies and excuses on my winnings. Ive kept it kosher ive remand calm and stated truthful facts I even have been a loyal player by obiding by the rules of casino. I need help this is not right. Thank you

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Nov 27, 2023
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