Planet 7 Casino - Verification issues

Last week I won 3500 dollars at Planet 7 and attempted to withdraw my winnings. When I did this I was asked to provide documentation and complete an electronic ID verification process, which included me uploading my ID and a selfie--I passed this process and uploaded my utility bill as well to further prove my identity. this bill has both my name AND address on it, which matches my driver's license address and the information on my account. Once this was done I withdrew and it was approved, but my check was never cut. I filed a complaint with AskGamblers, and Tawni responded saying that the fraud department needed MORE documentation, so I once again sent my license, a selfie, my utility bills AND my lease, all of which show my name and current address and also reflect all of the information in my account! after following up with Tawni 4 times because she would not respond in a timely manner, she responded back saying that all of this information STILL wasn't good enough and asked me to provide a selfie holding all of my documentation (license, bills, everything), which is RIDICULOUS!! I have NEVER heard of anything like this! it is clear to me that Tawni will continue to give me the runaround in hopes that I give up on my payout. I will not. this needs to be resolved immediately. In the event that it is not, I want to let you know, Tawni, I am currently trying to pull your IP address from your email, I will find you. I always find everyone who tries to scam me. This needs to be resolved by tomorrow. I have every conversation screenshot from planet 7, I have my account details screenshot, my payouts screenshot, I have ridiculous amounts of evidence to begin a fraud claim and I will name you the primary defendant. it is within your best interest to resolve this today.

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Jul 04, 2023
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