Sunpura Casino - Delayed payment

my issue is with sunrise slots and it's not on your list so I'm not able to input that and hopefully you'll still be able to help me. I want using a no rules bonus it was initially $22,000. They said that their pay on time frame was 7 to 10 business days Maxximum in order to be approved. I am still waiting for that and it is going on 12 business days. They keep on telling me to wait and wait and wait and they have escalated it and nothing no response from the support team. No response only for just to wait half the time. Customer service is rude so I decided to put $8000 back of my withdraws towards the casino not violating any terms, and following their conditions and terms while playing at all times my account has been fully verified for two months, and they immediately after my win, revoke my VIP one status, and took away my coins a iMessage for withdrawal I have put $8000 back into the casino to trigger their shady algorithm to put my request up ahead of those that don't deposit while awaiting their withdrawals because apparently to them that's the way to get your withdraws quicker is if you constantly are playing so I did I put 8022 back and ask them to reinstate my coin draw a message for withdrawal and my VIP status and they will not and they said that their best advice is to just keep depositing and playing while I've already exceeded their approval. Wait times and withdraw they just told me they don't know when they can send the money and that it will be 2500 every so often but they have not giving me $600 almost 3 weeks ago and that was the coin draw. There are no problems with my transactions and customer service at already said they are giving me my money. I have screenshots of every single thing that you could possibly think of the accommodate and confirm everything that I am saying I have gotten it down to 12,500 they've not reinstated my current draw or my VIP status or done anything about escalating my account please help

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Apr 06, 2023
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