Super slots - Software fairness

I've had an account with super slots for a long time and have my top five favorite slots that I play and during my time playing these slots they have changed so much! For example: the random pop up bonuses went from activating about every $15 spent, down to being non existent. My wins went from every few spins to one winning spin every 30-40 spins and the win isn't bigger than my bet! Then the symbol generated bonus went from getting it within once every $40 spent to once every $120 spent in spins, and sometimes going 4-5 bonuses of $0 in a row, when confronted about cheating and controlling the slots a couple of chat personal I was able to get to admit they control them, but then they changed what they said on the transcript and now they fully deny cheating but refuse to give me there license number and license agency name, and I know for a fact the software shouldn't change that much unless it's being manipulated.

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Adam Anderson
Date raised
Aug 13, 2023
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