Suprabets - Refund declined

There is 2 deposits I have made, that never made it into my account, but were processed from the origin bank/wallet, etc... Which it means that they received those amounts. Now, Where is that money? It just could not... vanish.... Someone has it. Who and why dont they give me MY MONEY or at least tell me what is going on?

I have spoken with severeal agents over the chat and sent emails that have never been replied, not even once, ever. And those agents just play the answering machine role.... they just cant do anything about it, but to tell you to wait another 48 hours for a response, which how I just explained... never happens.

I need somebody to help me or give me a guide on how can I take legal action. Not because of the amount of money, but because of dont let this scammers screw over more people.

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Date raised
Sep 20, 2022
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