Vegas Mobile Casino - Amount not credited

I deposit 10.00 for an account on Vegas sweeps casino, then Brandon Olson who is on messenger with Facebook tells me he needed 30.00 for my account,I sent it then he says I have to pay 10.00 more for a pin number,which is not needed for Vegas Sweeps, so I sent and have copie of our whole ordeal and conversations it's bee now 2almost 3 days and now he wants more money ,,another fifty dollars to put my first fifty on my account so I told him to just cash app my 50.00 I already paid,then it was 100.0 to get my 50.00 back. Now he is saying it's 80.00 I have all of our arguments on messenger and screenshots of my deposits and he refuses to put the money on my account or refund it he finally gives me and account but no money...and I login to my account and find out I did n t need a pin number 66-77... he has 2 different cash app accounts he sent me the 2nd account to put more money on which is different then the first one I paid 10 dollars for a pin I didn't need ,and he refuses to give me my 50.00...

Quick facts

Date raised
Jan 10, 2023
Disputed amount
$$50.00 total
Case status