VulkanVegas - Account closure

I have a problem with my account. Two years ago i had another account registered to email i closed this account. Some time later i spoke with customer support and told them to unlock it. They told me that the account was not verified an closed permanently and that i will have to create a new account. So i did, i created a new account ( I verified my account. I made some deposits and closed this account. Two days ago i asked to unblock this account. I send an email to customer support and they unblocked it. I made i deposit and then i made a withdrawal. One day later my account was closed and no one informed me about this. I spoke with gambling comission and they told me that since i deleted my first account and created a new one and your casino had verified it my new account is legit. Also they told me that since i send an email to unblock my account and your casino unblocked it, my account is active and legit. Also they told me that if you want to suspend my account you can do it but the account will stay open only to withdraw the balance.

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Apr 13, 2023
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