Waxcasino - Software fairness

I played here and won. I won quite frequently for about 4 days. It was super fun! Then for the next week no matter what game I played it wouldnt payout anything at all. It would only take my money. Deposit after deposit. I feel highly like this site baited me, then switched to take all my money. Im plent happy to lose the money I deposit if Im getting some wins. Even a big win every $300-$500. But it just stopped paying out like that at all. I bet $1.50-20.00 per wager. So I expect enought to play for 30 minutes or more on a $4-600 deposit. But If every bet is a lose, and every "super", or "sensational" win only pays when betting minimums the game play is going to suck quickly. After winning $2000-$5000 I lost $10 or $15,000. So you got me. Im just looking to post a bad review as you clearly didnt keep up with any kind of wins that drew me in. Very dissappointed I cannot keep playing here after those kinds of numbers.

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Jun 26, 2023
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