Wild casino - Declined payment

Wild casino is the casino on complaint they are owned by BetOnline

Recently I went on a 3 day bender gambling at wild casino. When the third day came along and I realized I won a little over 3million dollars I went to cash out. I was able to withdraw my daily max with no problem and when I tried to draw again after 24 hours my account was closed. After a few weeks we finally start corresponding and their excuse for closing my account and keeping my winnings was that there were inconsistencies In my gameplay. I asked for them to elaborate and be transparent but no such luck. I only played live dealer games and have payment proof along with screenshots of every winning junction before stopping. I have asked in several emails to pay what they owe but get turned away. I will personally give half of my winnings if I can get what I am owed from the casino to anyone who can resolve this.

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Date raised
Aug 24, 2023
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