How to Win at Micro Limits (Stakes) Poker

Micro limits poker (or simply micro stakes) are competitive poker games where the stakes are low. Typically, micro limit cash games range from 1c/2c up to 25c/50c. Significantly, low-level games like these tend to be looser and require a specific strategy to win these games. So today, we provide some useful tips on how to play and win at micro limits.

Here are our top tips:

When to Play

We advise you to play when many people are playing in your favourite poker room and at a time when you would expect to be a lot of weak opponents.

Chose you poker room carefully

When choosing a poker room, it is advisable not to play in large rooms like Pokerstars or 888. Many regulars play on these sites, and unless you are a tournament player, there are better places to play micro limit games.

Keep in Simple

Avoid difficult situations to avoid getting tired ahead of time by playing only premium hands. Strong hands such as AA>KK>QQ>JJ>10>10 as well as suited AK less often AQ KQ will keep you on track according to the situation.

When to Raise

If hands like AA>KK> are easy to play, we will always open them with a 3-4bb raise from any position. Sometimes you have to just call them to balance your ranges against aggressive maniac players.

It is not advisable to open against unknown players from early positions unless you are on the cut-off or the button. Play them just by calling, or you see that weak players are playing against you, then you can play a raise.

Pocket pairs below 10>10 are excluded from your hand if you do not have enough playing experience to play these pocket pairs. Play them just by calling, or you see that weak players are playing against you, then you can play a raise.

Always Play When in Position

If you want to win, you should always play in position against your opponents.Playing in position means that your opponents first make decisions. You have the advantageof seeing their moves first. Plus, you control the size of the pot.

Avoid Speculative Hands

Avoid playing with speculative hands or hoping to catch a card.Like KJ>Q10>J10>10 9>8 9 as well as offsuit AK and KJ>Q10>J10>10 9>8 9 AQ. Plus, with weak aces, you will rarely hit the board, and if you hit, you run the risk of walking into a ready set, flush or a straight.

Keep notes

Make notes on weak players and strong ones by marking the fish of weak players in green and strong ones in red.

Stay fresh and cheerful

Play only in a cheerful mood and at a time of day when you have significant brain activity, the state of wakefulness.

Avoid Distractions

Eliminate distractions when you sit down to play poker, turn off your phone, and close instant messengers. No one and nothing can distract you and bring down your motivation.