For many experienced gamblers, mobile casino is nothing new. But for those who have never tried it before, then playing casino games from the convenience of a handheld device while on the move can be an enlightening experience. Software developers have of late placed a lot of resources in mobile game development, given the recent upsurge in player uptake for mobile casino games. Combined with the ever-increasing processing power of mobile phones, today's mobile games are of remarkably high quality and now of the standard which makes them a very viable and attractive alternative to PC play.

Mobile gambling by definition has to do with playing a game of skill or chance using a portable device connected to a secure Wi-Fi network for game download or instant online play. It is the new way to wager on casino games and sports betting event. Its universal popularity has influenced many casino operators to release mobile applications and ensure their games are compatible with iOS, Android and other primary mobile device makers.

Today, just about any smartphone or tablet is capable of running entertaining casino apps and play from any location that has an internet connection. Additionally, many of the best online casinos can be accessed directly from a phone's browser as the majority of them have html5 driven versions of their online casino optimised for the smaller screen.

There are very few restrictions concerning technology, restrictions on mobile gaming come predominantly in the form of legal and regulatory bureaucracy which prevails in some countries and gambling jurisdictions.

Although an increasing number of countries are beginning to see the sector of online gambling as a significant revenue source, the legislative issues are still incomplete. Access to mobile casino apps or online casinos is entirely dependent on the region of the world the player is situated. Every country regulations when it comes to remote gambling activities. As a result of this, access to these kinds of gaming platforms, services, and games may be limited. 

In the UK For example, players are allowed to play table and slot games using your mobile device without restriction. In fact, most kinds of wagering games are legal in this country. But, this policy does not apply to every European country. Some of them do not allow any gambling, while others allow only casinos which are land-based. In Canada for instance, each province comes with its own rules pertaining to gaming online. In the United States, remote gambling is only allowed in three states.