Are Casino Slot Payouts Time Dependent?

The traction slot machines possess at gambling establishments is unrivalled by no other casino game. Gamblers love slots since they're easy to play and require less skill compared to casino games like Blackjack or Baccarat. After all, you're there to have fun. However, you can't always win at slot machines. That's the 1st rule of gambling anywhere.

That said, when you win, it's all marvelous and well; when you lose, nobody loves losing. So, players worldwide have tried coming up with techniques in an effort to try and beat the house to winning. It's important to note that there isn't any sure way of winning at slot machines. Nevertheless, there are proven strategies you can employ to boost your winning chances. We'll look into that later. 

So, of all the most common myths, the one that sticks is slot machines hitting at certain times. In this article, we'll have an in-depth review of the concept to unravel if, indeed, slots pay at specific periods.

Factors Fueling the Notion that Slots Hit at Certain Times

So as to prove slot machines do pay at specific times, gamblers have come up with different notions. The main one is that: 

Casinos Allegedly Influence Slot Outcomes

Gamblers tend to blame the house/casino when they have a lengthy losing streak. It's human nature. However, Casinos have no say whatsoever in how the game turns out. That's because the slot machines run on a Random Number Generator software that ensures all outcomes are spontaneous and unpredictable. Hence, there's no way a player or the house can predict the following game result. 

If casinos were able to manipulate game results, then they would determine when a machine should payout. Additionally, these gaming arenas operate under a gaming licensing authority. So, if a casino has a license, it'll in no way decide how the game unfolds. That's because it'll be breaking the law in doing so and risk closing down and losing its business license.

So, Why Exactly do Slots Machines Pay at Certain Times?

Gamblers aren't entirely wrong to think that machines payout on particular days. However, as mentioned above, it has nothing to do with the casino manipulating the outcomes. It's because gaming dens tend to peak at night and on weekends. Most players frequent casinos over the weekend and at night. So, you might want to visit your favorite casino on such days. However, you're not sure to win since the odds are the same even if you play on any other day.

What changes is the increased volume of players on specific days or times. So, that's why slot machines tend to pay more frequently. Consequently, since more gamblers are trying their luck, you'll find jackpots hitting during busier times.

Handy Slot Tips

  • Adequately manage your bankroll by setting winning and losing limits.

  • Observe winning and losing streaks.

  • You can play online slots since they pay more on average.

  • Choose slot machines with higher RTP%.


Slot machines pay more often at certain times since they're busier and many players are playing. So, casinos do not run rigged machines. Above all, the chances of winning are the same despite when you play. It's all about luck!