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Start playing poker against other people from all over the world with Zynga App

Zynga is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of online social poker-platform called Zynga Poker. Zynga Poker is a bit different to playing poker against your dad and his friends. For one thing, you don’t get made fun of, and you can take your time learning the ropes.

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The new generation of youngsters are seizing the latest online opportunities. They think differently, and their approach to learning is sometimes radical. Raised on the internet and mobile device apps that can do everything from teaching you a new language to helping you study for mid-terms, learning to play poker through Zynga Poker is just another example.

The Zynga Poker is based on the classic poker variant - Texas Hold’em poker. While there are many variations on the standard poker concept, Texas Hold’em is by far the most played of all modern poker games. One of the main reasons for the games ongoing popularity is that Texas Hold’em poker is fast, exciting and very easy to learn.

Zynga Poker is more than just a simple poker app. It’s a self-contained ecosystem of players from around the world, competing against each other for massive rewards.

As soon as you sign up via your existing Facebook profile, you will be given free coins to start playing right away. You can challenge your nearest and dearest friends or family members, or venture out and challenge other like-minded millennials from the four corners of the earth.