Whether land-based or online, slots tournaments can be the most fun, and often the most economical way to get your slot gaming rocks off. Slots tournaments have been around for decades, first started in the crazy casinos of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The idea was pretty simple, yet highly effective. Cram as many slots crazy people into one room, give them a goal and time limit, and let them at it! The last man standing (metaphorically speaking of course) is the ultimate winner and takes home the grand prize, often made up of a percentage of the entrance fees charged.

Today the slots tournament landscape is a bit different, and there are many thousands of slots tournaments happening around the world at any one time. The cool thing about slot competitions is that there is something in them for everyone. If you love crowds and noise and a fair amount of socialising, then going to a few brick and mortar casino would be the way to go.

The sleepy town of Reno in Nevada, yes, the ‘other Las Vegas’ has some pretty sweet casino action going on. Atlantis Casino recently hosted a ‘Crazy Christmas Sweater’ slot tournament, with a grand prize of no less than $10,000 in cash. Aside from the primary award, participants can enjoy freerolls to the tune of $100 and of course, all the snacks and drinks you could ever want.

Slot Tournaments in Cyberspace

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to take a trip out west to Reno or Vegas to get some satisfaction playing brick and mortar slot tournaments. Once upon a time that may have been the end of it, but thanks to the marvels of the internet, you can now sign up for just about any slot tournament going online – crazy or otherwise.

Top software brands like Microgaming regularly host hot and crazy slot tournaments centred on their bestselling slot themes like Tomb Raider and other iconic characters. Depending on the online casino hosting the slot tournament, you might even be able to get in with a freeroll gig, which means free entry. This is generally the best type to shoot for since the prizes can be huge with no risk on your part.

Top online casinos host all sorts of crazy slot tournaments most weekdays and weekends as well. They are also an excellent way for online casinos to attract more players through their virtual doors. All Jackpots Casino is a good example of how this works, with their weekly ‘Kickoff Slots Tournament’. Every session starts on a Wednesday and runs through to the following Wednesday. The cool thing with these sorts of low-level tournaments is that they are freeroll with up to a $1000 in prize money up for grabs.

If you want to get in on the action, there are a few essential tournament types to look out for:


These are tournaments that start as soon as the minimum number of players has signed.


These tournaments have a set date and time and require you to pre-register to qualify.


These are either by invitation only or only open to members of the casino (usually online). 

Last Updated: May 16, 2021 Author: Shihaam Isaacs