Top Megaways slots

If you walk into the majority of land-based casino establishments, you will be guaranteed to see slot machines dominating the floor. In fact, ever since the very first physical slot machine in the late 1800s slot machines have been responsible for the bulk of the revenue in the gambling industry with the global online gambling market size valued at USD 57.54 billion in 2021. With the creation of the internet and advancements in technology in recent years, this trend has expanded even further as online casinos have completely transformed the face of the casino sector.

Firstly, slots have become extremely popular as there is a multitude of slot sites to play on as well as being convenient and easily played in comparison to other games and the pace is fast which satisfies those who do not want to be stuck forever on a game. Indeed, slots have certainly come a long way since the first prototype with big-name slot game creators out there now selling their licensing to online casinos that stream the slot games to players.

Among these popular slot game creators across the world is Megaways who are globally renowned for developing some of the classic slot games available thatrandomly modify the reels. Not only do Megaways slots give players more opportunity to win but they are also regarded as more entertaining than normal slots.

Who are Megaways?

One reason why Megaways is so popular is because of the variety of games available. Megaways slots are casino slot games that use the Megaways mechanic. It was invented by the team at Big Time Gaming in 2016 and has completely changed the world of online slots. Megaways slots have become so successful among gambling fans that they are no longer restricted to being produced solely by Big Time Gaming. Now, individuals can play a range of Megaways slots by games developers like Microgaming, Blue Print Gaming, Red Tiger Gamin and NetEnt.

Doggy Riches

One of the most widely recognised Megaways slots is Doggy Riches Megaways with this 6×7 slot has a minimum bet of £0.20 and a max payout of 3494x. Not only does it have an RTP of 95.7% but it is perfect for people who have an interest in animals. It even integrates some royal themes by featuring corgis who have been the pets of Queen Elizabeth II since 1933. If you are new to playing Megaways slots or slots in general, this slot game has a demo version where you can play without having to wager and risk your own money.

Millionaire Megaways

Another famous Megaways slot played by many is Millionaire Megaways which has an RTP of 96.24% which is more than many typical slots. It is based on the popular game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with around 117 649 ways to win and a maximum payout of 72 310x your stake. With this game, there is also no need to bet a lot of money as you can even bet £0.20. Packed with scatter symbols and wild symbols, every spin gives players the chance to win a stream of extra prizes. This game is great for fans of the show who feel as though they are missing out on the chance of winning when they are watching it. In fact, with online casinos allowed to be accessed on your mobile phone, you can even play from the comfort of your own home whilst you are watching it.

Holy Diver

Holy Diver is another great 6-reel engine slot game with an RTP of 96.39% and allures many because of its stunning graphics and animations in the genre of adventure. Like many other Megaways, this slot has a minimum bet of £0.20 and is perfect for people who like to be entertained whilst they play. This slot replicates adventure-style video games as when you acquire four gems you will be able to go to a higher level, go to a new zone or unlock free spins. For fans of history, the medieval theme which features characters like a knight running through the woods as well as treasure chests should satisfy your thirst to travel to a different time period.

Rainbow Riches

Those interested in playing Megaways cannot forget Rainbow Riches Megaways which has an RTP of 95.9% which allows players to win money whilst they aim to get the pot of gold. Accompanies with aesthetically pleasing graphics and rainbow gems that convert all gem symbols into the same type of gem. These are significant as they come under the umbrella of cascading Wins which is when symbols are part of a winning combination, and they are removed from the reels and replaced. This can lead to the player being the recipient of even more monetary rewards. You may even be able to get a round of free spins which could lead to more wins without having to pledge even more money.

In conclusion, with technological innovations and the rise of the smartphone in recent years, playing slot games on online casinos is a favored past-time that is set to become even more popular in the future. Megaways online slots are now rated as the most exciting slot games in the casino world that have a catalog of wonderful benefits. With hundreds of titles and thousands of pay lines that could result in monetary wins for you, there are many advantages to trying Megaways and they are certainly worth the hype.