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In most casino games, only fate knows whether you win or lose. It’s not something pleasing to many players, but there’s much you can do with statistics. A lot of us hated math in school, that goes without saying. However, it’s important in real money gambling. Although gambling is luck-based, it’s also based on math and stats. Most of us play for fun, just because we ignore the importance of these two. 

You may not do much with slot games’ statistics, but the story is different in live table games. In the latter, you can track results, view live statistics and even check how other players performed in the past 6 hours, 24 hours or one month. Why is this important? That’s what this article seeks to unveil. We will explain why the history, stats and tracking of game results are necessary, and how to use them to your advantage.

Importance of results, stats and history in live casino games

If you play at transparent casinos which post recent player winnings, you’ll notice that certain players win more often than others. Do they cheat? We don’t think so. They simply know the importance of statistics in gambling. Specifically, they use the current and past results to tilt the game to their advantage. Even so, very few have managed to do that.

Through results, stats and past performances, you can make an informed decision. For example, if you notice that the last winning in a particular game was several months ago, you might want to change your mind. Casinos will convince you that the games are “fair” and even place cameras at the table to make their arguments realistic. However, some programmed software have a role in determining the outcome. That’s a story for another day, anyway.

Essentially, you’ll rarely find gamblers staking real money blindly without knowing what’s in it for them. Casual players will use basic stats such as playing odds on black/white on the roulette table. Those serious about making money will trust fully in statistics and invest both money and time to devise winning strategies. This may seem unnecessary, but if you know how to use game results, stats and history, this may be a game changer.

This takes us to the question…

How do I track game results?

You’re still here? Perfect! You’re probably wondering where to get the results, stats and history of live games. It’s easy. The digital era has made things easier. We now have live game trackers which display real-time game results, RTP, stats and other important dynamics. You don’t have to be a math genius to use these tools. Just have an eye for detail, and know how to use whatever you see to your benefit.

Most of these trackers are free and easy to use. You can view the stats and adjust the time-frames of the data you want to see. Some also have the option to watch the game live. To make work easier for you, we will be posting live results here, not old ones. We will also continue to extract more data from software providers to give you a list of your favourite games alongside their history, statistics and real-time results.