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8 Top Tips for Playing the Different Stages of a Poker Tournament

Today we will analyze the tournaments.

Any tournament is divided into several stages.

  • early stage

  • middle stage

  • bubble stage

  • late-stage

  • final stage

  1. In the early stage of the tournament, you have many chips concerning the blinds of mandatory bets. Stacks are usually 200bb or even more, so you need to play very carefully. Wait for strong starting hands such as AA>KK>QQ>JJ>10 10>9 9>AK>AQ>AJ>A10,alsoBroadways KQ>Q10>J10>10 9 from assorted cards. It is better to refuse to invest a lot of chips in the pot without any power-ups. If you have enough experience, we can play in the pocket style, just not overdo it; play calls weak aces and medium pocket pairs. The goal is to get into a good board and pick up the opponents' chips.

  2. In the middle stage, you gradually need to expand your game range to play more aggressively as the blinds increase and the ante ups with each hand. It would be best to play aggressively in the position, stealing blinds when many passive players at the table are waiting for strong starting hands. At this time, you can collect a sufficient number of chips and continue to play more carefully.

  3. In the most crucial stage, you are already on the way to receiving prizes, left to wait some time to receive guaranteed payments. At this stage, if you have more than 100bb, it is better to wait and not risk it. Do not expose with premium hands against players with large stacks; otherwise, you risk losing how much you played and prizes you could get without risking so. Short stacks of 10-30 bb with more decent hands with premium hands and pocket hands not lower than 10 10>.

  4. The late-stage is afascinating place for such tournaments. You can play aggressively against players with short stacks with a large stacks. They will often not take risks because they have already got into the prizes, even small. They will reset playing against them if they are not sitting. Players with large stackscan safely play push. Take easy chips for themselves without any struggle. With all hands starting from premium hands, finishing with all pockets not lower than pocket 5 5 and aces, not lower A5 any king, not lower K10 as well as J10 and even 9 9. Even if you are behind, you will have enough opportunities to move the opponent. When you lose, you will lose a few chips from your stack.

  5. In the final stage, squeeze aggressive raises of the push against short stacks forcing them to throw off their hands as they will not take risks.Playing against opponents with large stacks, as you advise to play, call on the raise. All watch the flop AK>AQ>AJ>A10>KQ>KJ>Q10; J10 10 9, 8 9>and also all pockets up to 5 5, unless, of course, you have premium hands and you are sure that the opponent's hand is weaker than yours then put a preflop bet.

  6. Stage Heads Up. The most exciting thing is you can divide the money for the first and second place. Then leave for the victory for the first symbolic amount. Playing one on one depends on how much you need to finish in the first place.

  7. When you have a short stack, how to play at any stage. When you are unlucky, play the push fold strategy. Do not play call only. Push with all premium hands,  with all aces up to A10, Broadway to KJ, and all pocket pairs up to 5 5.Play push fold when your stack is usually from 10-20bb

  8. In the end, play only in tournaments where your bankroll will allow you to have an adequate amount of money. You have a reserve of 200 buy-ins in the matches you play because you will not so often fall into prizes, at times. It would be best if you waited out this bad time.