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TOP-10 Casino Streamers in 2024

There are multiple reasons why people watch casino streamers. Many genuinely hope to learn some nuances of a particular game or tips and tricks that may help them to win. Some just like to sit, watch and chat. Some are attracted to the personality of the streamer. There are even those who just turn on the stream in the background and do some other stuff.

No matter the reason — together this allows casino streamers to accumulate quite a hefty follower base. Here are the TOP-10 casino streamers in 2024 with a follower base of over 1,000,000 followers each.


One of the most well-known casino streamers, Roshtein streams on Twitch and has over 1.1 million followers. He is famous for playing slots, especially games from Pragmatic Play like "Fruit Party" and "Sweet Bonanza"​.


Streaming on Twitch, TrainwrecksTV is known for being a high roller in slots and card games. He enjoys games from NoLimitCity and Pragmatic Play and has around 2.1 million followers​.


Felix Lengyel, known as xQc, streams a variety of games including slots on Twitch, where he has a massive follower base of 11.8 million. He often plays games from Pragmatic Play and Push Gaming​.


This is a group of seven streamers who collectively run a channel that features various slot games. They have a partnership with Stake and are known for their engaging and interactive streams.


Another popular Twitch streamer, DeuceAce has a substantial following and is known for playing Megaways slots among other casino games. His streams are highly viewed and he frequently plays on Stake​.


Streaming primarily on Twitch and YouTube, AyeZee is recognized for his bonus-buy sessions on Stake, particularly enjoying games like "Gates of Olympus" and "Mystery Museum"​​.

Corinna Kopf

A popular female casino streamer on Twitch, Corinna often plays poker and blackjack. She has about 1 million followers and adds diversity to the typical slots-focused streams.


Moe, known as Yassuo, streams a mix of games including slots, and has 2 million followers on Twitch. He is known for his charismatic style and engaging content​​.


This group of Canadian streamers started with prank videos on YouTube and now also stream gambling content as they play at Stake, focusing on slots from providers like Quickspin and Betsoft Gaming​​.


Based in Germany, OrangeMorange streams various casino games and video games. He frequently plays at Jet Casino, enjoying slots from Yggdrasil and Thunderkick​.

The Dark Side of The Popularity

All these streamers are known for their entertaining gameplay often involving risky strategies and high stakes. Which makes them popular figures and kind of role models among the online casino streaming community.

But have you ever asked yourself where they really get money to fund their expensive entertainment? Take a closer look at where they usually play. Then you’ll notice that streamers usually stick to 1-2 casinos.

The thing is that casino streamers are essentially being paid to be online casino promotion ambassadors. And they are paid enough by the casinos so as not to bother whether they win or lose during their streams.

This strategy pays off for the online casinos. As through the streams they get a steady influx of players. And they bring more money than the casino pays to the streamers.

So when you watch a casino streamer and want to “play like them”, keep that in mind, will you?