PokerStars - Delayed payment

To whom it may concern my email is my name is Merkele Serieux I am writing due to the fact that my withdrawal was sent to the wrong email address I informed the casino the other Email is old and expired but they insisted to verify this email. Now my funds have been sent to paydirect with my old email and I cannot get my funds because the company is saying it takes 7 days before the etransfer is cancelled I thought an etransfer can be cancelled any time especially by the company it self. I have informed the casino to contact pay direct but pay direct says that no one has contact them. the casino has created a case and is also doing a security check its been 1 day and next morning witch is today and I have not heard from the casino witch they said they would via email me. Everytime I ask them about my case they keep saying they will email me and never do. All I'm asking for is my funds to be sent to me directly to my email witch is I have never had any problems with other online casinos before they always used witch is right. I deposited well and played fair. Thank you Merkele Serieux

Quick facts

Date raised
Feb 22, 2023
Disputed amount
$1158.75 Cad
Case status