Queenvegas - Bonus abuse

On Saturday, October 08, I played a bonus that they sent me in this casino, as I always read the terms of agreement of the bonuses, this casino unfortunately has a scam type system for its bonuses which doesnt adjust the maximum bet since it tries to make the user make a mistake so that it exceeds the limit that they estimate, for which I had I had to play very carefully without going over this limit to win and I did, I managed to win the maximum jackpot in the Dork Units game, as attached in the photo 10,000,000 CLP (10000 usd approx), that is, 10,000 times my bet of 1,000, the maximum bet that I can do according to the bonus is 5,000 CLP. After this I continued playing in the casino never passing the 5,000 bet to avoid problems and completed the bonus wager which was 3,000x, so I decided to withdraw money 3,000,000 clp which was what I was allowed.

After several days, they inform me that the money will be returned to my account (which is false) everything disappeared from my account, they left me 300,000 clp, I don't know why, 9,200,000 of what I had.

I need help with that, I've been playing in this company's casinos for months, always investing in their bonuses, getting paid occasionally and the first time I win something and they scam me?

What can I do? Where can I sue them apart from this place?

In the support chat they tell me that 759 spin overpass the limite which is completely false and they refuse to send proof os this.

please help me get my legally earned money.

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Oct 24, 2022
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