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I signed up successfully and got my account verified, then made a deposit using my VISA card and started playing. All went well, no complications. After I made some winnings, I withdraw USD 750 on 6th July 2023 and have been waiting for the payment ever since. Every time I followed up, the Customer Service Team keep telling me that they are waiting for approval from my bank. That is completely a lie because I have contacted my bank and have confirmed that there is no approval required from the bank. To make payment into my VISA card account, they simply have to make the payment directly in their system, just the same way I made the deposit in the first place. THERE IS NO SPECIAL APPROVAL REQUIRED FROM MY BANK. I am doing my research and will file a complaint with the Australian Communications and Media Authority once I confirm the process.

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Joe Zerike
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Jul 13, 2023
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Reply from Casino Manager:

Dear Joe Zerike and GambleScope Team,

We have checked this case and would like to explain the situation for better understanding.

The player has made withdrawal requests (2023-07-06 03:43 UTC and 2023-07-06 04:56 UTC), which were canceled, as according to the Terms and Conditions of our Casino, every player must go through a verification process for security purposes to successfully withdraw funds. After the withdrawal was canceled, the player was informed about it and received an email with a list of documents required for verification.

The client subsequently provided us with the requested proof of identity and a photo of the bank card used. To verify the account, it was also necessary to confirm the phone number and provide a document containing the player's name and phone number, as the player did not receive an automatic SMS. It is worth noting that the client did not provide us with a document confirming his phone number.

Although the customer's phone number and account were not fully verified, we did not cancel the following withdrawal (2023-07-06 13:38 UTC) out of loyalty to our players.

The withdrawal was waiting for processing by the payment provider and unfortunately was unsuccessful due to technical reasons (2023-07-14 08:53 UTC). The player was informed that the payment was canceled and was kindly asked to make a new withdrawal request.

In addition, the client decided to play with his funds, and did not make any new withdrawals, after which he requested closure, and the account was deactivated (2023-07-14 17:40 UTC).

We hope to come to an agreement on the current situation. In case if you need more information on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

Best Regards,

SkyCrown Casino Team