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How it is possible to play with a VPN in Poker

This article discusses when and where you can use a VPN in Poker Rooms and when it might be necessary.

Virtual private networks, otherwise known as VPNs, allow other sites, servers and devices to provide an IP address that is unique to you.Using these networks disguises your actual location from poker rooms and providers. They also provide access to sites that might be inaccessible in your country of residence.

If you have a problem with a blocked site due to location, you will not gain access without a VPN. A browser plugin can overcome these problems by redirecting traffic to the computer.

What is the difference between using a VPN for a site or a poker client?

Using a VPN to access a poker room is not acceptable in all competitive real money poker sites. For this reason, it is impossible to register as a player from prohibited locations. At this crucial moment, it’s not worth using another person’s identity. Doing so will get you banned from these sites.

We recommend using browser VPN plugins, which do not inadvertently log in to a pop-up client with the VPN turned off.

VPNs or other poker software with different Poker Rooms

We asked customer services about using VPNs on their platforms and recorded their answers here.

VPN at Partypoker

Answer support: “The user can use the VPN at any time, but if only one system disables it, it will be blocked.” Hot prompt stopped and net. VPN usage is not recommended here.

VPN at PokerKing

The poker room resolves VPN usage in case of blocked access to the poker client. Still, it is necessary to warn about this to support via e-mail: At the given address, you will need to send a letter and describe the reasons for use in your own words. Have your login forthe account,or the provider will block access.

VPN at RedStar

The RedStar Poker room resolves VPN usage in instances where access to the poker room is blocked. Access is available in these countries: Belarus, France, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, the United States, Australia, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Gongong, Sweden, and Lithuania.

VPN at PokerStars

The answer is: “We do not recommend usinga VPN, as stated in the User Agreement. We must provide accurate information about ourselves regarding locationwith all games. VPN usage can be reported to users using the problem with lobbying, access to account blocking”.

VPN at PokeкOK

PokerOK is categorically against the use of VPNs. In the event you can register on the site using a VPN, you will not be allowed to log into the poker client.

VPN at TigerGaming, BetOnline, SportsBetting

The use of a VPN must first be agreed with the poker room’s support.

PPPoker and PokerBros applications

Globally, VPN is not required here since applications are not blocked. Each individual club decides on the use of a VPN. Each may have different policies and rules regarding VPNs and possible countries.

How NOT to get an account frozen when using VPN

1.Do not use VPNs in countries that strictly prohibit access to a poker room .Automatic blocking will work.

2.Do not log in to a poker client with VPN enabled unless it’s absolutely necessary (browser plugins do not count).

3. If you do not have access to the client, coordinate it with the poker room’s support beforehand.