SOFTSWISS Invests in Social Casino Growth

SOFTSWISS has made a significant investment in Ously Games GmbH, the company behind the successful social casino in Europe. This partnership aims to develop a new all-encompassing software solution for social casinos, aligning with the rising popularity of social casino games in the online entertainment industry. Unlike traditional casinos, social casinos do not involve real-money betting and use virtual currency for gameplay, primarily generating revenue through virtual goods sales.

The global social casino games market is expected to reach €10 billion by 2030, with millions of people worldwide engaging in social casino gaming daily., the leading European social casino with over 3,000 games from nearly 40 providers, has experienced significant growth in its player base, surpassing 700 thousand players, and generating €1 million in annual turnover.

The partnership between SOFTSWISS and Ously Games GmbH signifies a strategic move to enhance the social casino landscape and enrich the iGaming ecosystem with innovative offerings and unparalleled gaming experiences.

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