Why Pro Gamblers use Betting Agents

Sports betting is fun, especially when you win. But to hit it big, you’ll need the best odds in the market. How fast can you identify such odds? That’s where a betting agent comes in. What is a sports betting agent? Do I really need one? These and many questions are definitely crossing your mind right now.

Well, don’t stress yourself anymore because we will solve the puzzle right here. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about these agents and even recommend the best ones for UK sports bettors. As a top-up, we’ll plunge into everything surrounding bet exchanges.

So, why don’t you grab yourself a cup of coffee and set those legs on the table? There’s pretty much to discuss here.

Top 5 Betting Brokers in 2023

Like every other sector, the betting industry has scammers. That means not all bet brokers are legit. Thus, you must investigate to find out their credibility and reputation, among other factors. But don’t worry; we’ve done all that for you. Here’s a list of the top spread betting brokers for UK players:

Best sports betting sites in 2023

We understand how tough choosing the best sportsbook can be, considering the high number already on the internet. That’s why we bent over backwards, perusing betting sites from start to finish, to present to you only the top ones. Check them out below!


First up is Bet365, the world’s biggest betting site. The company debuted in 2000 in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, where it is currently headquartered. It only began as a small company with just 12 employees but now has ‌ 6000+ workers from all around the globe.

Bet365 has over 80 million customers. The hard work put into this betting site is evidenced by the awards it has scooped over the years. It is a 5-time Bookmarker of the Year and an 8-time Number One betting site, by the way.

Moreover, the bookie is home to all the popular sports you could ever wish for. The sports section houses over 20 games, including baseball, MMA, rugby, soccer, and golf. In terms of UI/UX, the site is well-arranged, easing the navigation process. You can bet on your favourite sports using popular e-wallets and credit cards the site accepts. There are no cryptocurrency options, though.


There is no doubting the cyclical nature of betting platforms. However, Bovada has been a pioneer in the UK sports betting business for over a decade. There’s no denying this bookmark is here to stay. Since they first started as sports betting fans, they have been developing and upgrading their betting services.

Bovada is a crypto-friendly sports betting site. Besides digital coins, UK players can deposit and withdraw using popular credit cards and prepaid cards. The best part is that you can bet on your favourite sports using your mobile phone using the downloadable mobile app.


Another top betting site for UK players is Betfred. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission oversees its operations, meaning it’s a safe site to gamble at. This site offers popular e-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill for withdrawals and deposits. If you’re a fan of credit cards, MasterCard and Visa are available.

Besides a casino, Betfred also specialises in sports. You can expect all the popular sports, from football to tennis, and horse racing, just to mention a few. Remarkably, this betting site has an app for iOS and Android users, so you can choose a variety of bet types at your comfort.

William Hill

Another UK-based betting site, William Hill, opened its doors in 1934. It has since employed over 12000 staff. William Hill is a legit betting site, holding a licence from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and a few other regulatory bodies. The company has partnered with several agencies advocating for safe gambling.

At this betting site, you'll always receive excellent value regardless of your preferred sport. Every day, they serve their consumers fantastic offers, ranging from bonuses to promos and unique deals. Besides this, William Hill comes with a mobile app, available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.


We close our list with Betway, one of the UK’s best betting sites. Here, you can bet on 26+ sports, including football, baseball, and rugby. Everything is well-arranged into sections to aid in navigation. To find your favourite sports or matches faster, there is a search bar.

Like the betting sites we’ve discussed above, Betway comes with a mobile app. So, there’s no need to get fixed to your PC or laptop. This sports betting site is licensed and uses encryption software to protect your information. Also, Betway cannot share your information with untrusted third parties.

Betting Agent common terms explained

As promised, here are the common terms to keep you in the loop. You’ll find them throughout the article.

  • Sports bettor: Someone who places bets on sporting events by themselves or through a sports betting agent.

  • Bookmaker: A person or organisation that accepts bets at agreed odds either through a bettor or an online betting agent.

  • Soft Bookmakers: Low volume, high margin mainstream Bookmakers that offer more alluring odds aimed directly at casual bettors or through their bet brokers.

  • Betting Exchange: A marketplace for sports bettors to place bets with each other on sporting event outcomes.

  • Sharp Bookies: High volume, low margin bookmakers. Their odds are usually up-to-date and aimed directly at professional bettors or through their bet brokers.

  • Arbitrage Sports Betting: The process in which you or your sports betting agent simultaneously places bets on all probable outcomes of a sporting event at odds that guarantee a profit.

  • Betting Agent or Betting Broker: The intermediary between you, the sports bettor, and a bookmaker.

What is a Betting Agent or a Betting Broker?

Many people confuse a broker and a betting agent. Online betting agents and betting brokers are the same. It is simply a person or organisation that acts as a middleman between you and a bookmaker to place a sporting bet. Of course, it is easy for anyone to place a wager with a bookmaker directly. So why would you use an agent?

First of all, the best betting agents typically do much more than simply place bets for their customers. While online betting agents are different, they all provide additional added value services to make the entire process of placing a wager easy and financially advantageous.

Also, bet brokers are not tied agents. In the same way that an agent in an industry sources multiple suppliers to find their client the best deal, a sports betting broker is no different.

Advantages of using a betting agent or a broker

Now that you understand what a betting agent is, let us discuss the benefits of using one. While not all agents work the same way, many have the same advantages in common:

Best odds

As previously mentioned, one thing brokers have in common is that by using an agent, you will have access to the best odds from multiple bookmakers. To attract more bettors and keep them, agents secure high odds for their bettors. High odds translate to big winnings, which is what most bettors from the UK desire.

One account for all your betting needs

Managing several betting accounts is time-consuming. You must, for instance, analyse the odds, incentives, and betting alternatives offered by each bookie. You’ll also need to confirm each bookmaker's licence status. Well, you may avoid doing all of this by using a betting broker. All you have to do is open a single account and keep track of all of your wagers in one location.


Another benefit of using an agent is that you can place bets anonymously. Since the agent is the middleman, bookies cannot access your information. This is a significant benefit for successful gamblers who are banned from bookmakers because they win too much. Yes, that really happens!

Top-notch customer service

Bet agents provide excellent customer service over the phone and via live chat. This level of personal service goes above and beyond that which is offered by traditional high street bookmakers. As a result, you can expect professional and friendly customer support whenever you need it. You’ll get prompt feedback via the live chat option, compared to email.

Bigger and better bonuses

Bookies offer bonuses upon sign-up and making regular deposits. However, failure to open an account with a bookmaker does not mean you’ll miss out on these incentives. Sportsbooks frequently provide substantial deals to agents in the sports betting industry. That means you will get generous offers thanks to betting brokers.

Access to better odds for greater profits

Gaining access to the bookmakers with the best odds is without a doubt the single best reason to use a betting mediator. Brokers and agents can open accounts with sharp bookies (AKA base bookies). Because this type of bookmaker can take bets in high volume, they can offer odds with low-profit margins. Since their profits are very marginal, they act quickly to changes that occur before a sporting event begins, such as player injuries in football, or changes to the weather in racing events, etc.

These bookies shape the market in many of the most popular betting sports, so when they act, mainstream bookmakers follow. Since many of the best sharp bookies are Asian and deal only in volume trades, it is difficult for most outsiders to gain access. These types of bookies are not always available in all countries around the world. Even places like the US (which has stringent gambling laws) and the United Kingdom, where gambling taxes are imposed on Asian bookies drove many, such as Pinnacle and SBOBET, out of the country.

Mainstream high-street bookmakers in Europe (AKA Soft Bookies) typically aim for a profit of between 5 and 12 percent on a sporting event. To achieve this, they need to offer odds that are low and unfavourable to the bettor. This is in contrast to the 1–3 percent margins charged by sharp agents such as Pinnacle, SBOBET, and 188BET, or Matchbook and Betfair exchanges. Given the vastly superior odds offered by these base bookmakers, it is often much more profitable to use an agent, even when we take agent fees and commissions into consideration.

Best betting agent sites reviewed

It is highly advisable to use only trusted bet mediators. Not only because they will handle your finances but also because they have accounts with the best bookmakers in the industry. Here are a few options worth considering.

1. BetInAsia

First on the list is BetInAsia, one of the largest and most well-known bet brokers. This spread betting broker is a Malta-based agency regulated by Curacao. It provides access to the best Asian bookmakers, brokerage facilities, and betting software.


The best odds and liquidity, large stakes, and a variety of payment alternatives are among BetInAsia's primary benefits. Additionally, you get to enjoy a professional betting atmosphere, a simple user interface, and first-rate customer support.


  • Loads of payment options
  • A cutting-edge website with a fantastic user interface
  • Access to 3 betting exchanges and 9 bookies
  • Complete access to Betfair through the Orbit Exchange
  • Safe and legit


  • Does not accept bettors from the UK

2. Sportmarket

Another top sports betting broker is Sportmarket, which debuted in 2004. It collaborates with trustworthy and reliable partners only, ensuring high limits and the best odds for players. This spread betting broker has a dependable web mobile app. Thanks to the app, you can place.


The company also offers several private accounts with some of the biggest bookmakers and exchanges around which include Matchbook, Betdaq, MaxBet and 18bet. It is a favourite amongst pro gamblers as it also offers a live casino and a seamless experience to bet on multiple sports and games through one account. One other major plus is that Sportmarket supplies a mobile application, so you can place your bets anywhere, anytime, while on the go.


  • Safe
  • Access to several bookmakers
  • No personal limits
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Low exchange commissions


  • Accepts the Euro as the account currency

3. PremiumTradings

Another legit spread betting broker is PremiumTradings. It is a Bet Broker established by some of the pioneers of online sports betting. Their goal is to provide a service that gives the best odds and highest limits to private punters as well as syndicates. They are a top Betting Broker with vast experience in football and the Asian Handicap markets.


This broker opens accounts with some of the best Asian bookmakers, such as Pinnacle, SBOBET, MaxBet and 18bet, to name a few. Also, like BET-IBC, Premium Tradings platform offers high-quality tools to allow bettors to scan the odds on multiple bookmakers from one central place. This allows them to manage your big stakes quickly and easily.


  • Mobile-friendly (a mobile app also available)
  • Outstanding Skype betting service
  • Can meet the needs of high-rollers and average clients
  • Many payment options
  • Low costs and prompt withdrawals


  • Long verification process


Founded in 2007, BET-IBC is a licensed spread betting broker that delivers a first-rate gambling experience. The range of services they offer makes them ideally suited to high-stakes bettors, with fantastic odds and extremely high betting limits.


Their website is accessible in a staggering 31 languages and has a crisp interface. It is the ideal tool for use while travelling because it is optimised for mobile devices. Additionally, the website offers helpful tools, including an odds converter, calculators, and tutorials on a range of subjects.


  • Mobile-compatibility
  • Ease of use
  • Supports multiple currencies, including GBP
  • Access to many payment methods
  • Unique features such as Skype brokerage


  • No mobile app

5. Asianconnect

Lastly, we have Asianconnect, a sports betting mediator who gives you unrestricted access to betting throughout Asia. You can expect a unique gaming experience that meets all of your betting requirements. The broker provides access to several bookmakers for a 1.25% commission. Deposits are free and you can use a wide range of payment methods, including Skrill and Bitcoin.


Asianconnect guarantees that your money is completely protected. Their affiliated bookmakers also safeguard each pound that enters or leaves your account. Did we mention the site’s ease of use? They recently upgraded their site so that you can easily view the best possible odds among the supported bookmarkers.


  • 24/7 customer service
  • On-time, all-the-time withdrawals
  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Accepts popular e-wallets and cryptocurrencies


  • No mobile app

Types of online betting agents

While most sports betting agents service all betting professionals regardless of the sport they are interested in, a few of them do specialise. This is quite important since they’ll have all their eyes on a single sport, making it easier to identify opportunities. Below are the main types of online betting agents in the UK.

Basketball betting agent

A basketball betting agent mediates between you and the basketball bookmakers. They also allow you to access betting sites not available in the UK. Of course, the usuals like access to high odds and accurate betting lines from the best bookies are provided too.

Tennis betting agent

The greatest way to ensure your profitability over the long term is to use tennis betting agents. You get high betting odds without worrying about restrictions. Over time, these marginally better odds will translate into bigger payouts.

Football betting broker

A football betting broker acts as a middleman between you and bookmakers providing betting opportunities on football. With such a broker, you can meet the limits set by online bookies with only one account. There’s no need to switch your bankroll between accounts. By the way, finding a football betting broker is easy as almost all bet mediators provide brokerage services on football betting.

What is a spread betting broker?

Before discussing a spread betting broker, what’s spread betting in the first place? When two teams are not evenly matched, the odds are evened through spread betting. The purpose of a spread is to encourage betting on both teams in a game. A better-performing team is the favourite and receives a point spread of minus (-). The least favourite team is the underdog and receives a point spread of plus (+).

Unlike traditional bets (moneylines), where you either win or lose based on the available odds, spread betting gives you more options. You choose whether a particular variable in the match will be above or below the spread. So, instead of maybe betting on which football team will win, you bet on the number of goals that the winning team will have by the end of the match.

Now that we’ve dealt with spread betting, who is a spread betting broker? In simple terms, a spread betting broker facilitates this type of sports betting. They analyse a sporting event and provide insights into what spread you should pick. Their services allow you to deposit a specific amount to cover whatever spread you choose. Thankfully, there are several spread betting brokers in the UK.

As per UK law, spread betting falls under the same umbrella as gambling. So, you won’t pay taxes on all profits. That means all your earnings via a spread broker are tax-free.

List of the 3 top UK spread betting brokers in 2023

Enough with the long explanations. Which broker should I choose? The number of spread betting brokers in the UK is increasing by the day. Not all of them are trustworthy, though. To maximise your chances of profiting, you must invest in a reliable broker. Here are the top UK spread betting brokers in 2023 you can consider:

  • BetInAsia - High odds and a distinctive customer experience

  • BET-IBC - Fast payouts and bigger limits

  • Asianconnect - Multiple sportsbook and real-time betting

How to become a betting agent in 2023

I want to become a betting agent, how do I do it? It’s easy to join the best betting agents in 2023. However, you must fulfil a few requirements. To begin with, you must be of legal gambling age in your nation or state of residence. In the UK, that is 18 years.

You should also understand everything about a betting mediator, including the basics, such as the meaning of the same. Of course, you’ll need a thorough understanding of the betting procedure and the types of bets. It also helps to have some prior experience working in the sports betting industry.

If you have all that, get a licence to become an official betting agent in 2023. After that, you can sign contracts with bookmakers of your choice. The conditions of your connection will be outlined in these agreements. This includes the commission you will get on each wager placed using your services. After finalising the agreement, you’re set to mediate between bookies and bettors.

What is a Betfair betting broker?

Before dealing with Betfair betting brokers, what is Betfair? This is the biggest and most well-known betting exchange worldwide. And what’s a betting exchange? This is a platform that facilitates risk-free betting where players bet against each. A Betfair betting broker, on the other hand, is an intermediary between you and the bookie through Betfair (the exchange platform). The broker places bets on your behalf after receiving your instructions on what to wager on. Essentially, you become your own betting agent.

The Betfair broker earns profit by keeping a portion of the commission levied on your successful wagers. They may additionally impose a fee, depending on the method of payment you used to cash in. Furthermore, a lot of Betfair brokers offer access to several bookies, which is a plus.

When choosing a Betfair betting broker, there are a couple of factors to consider. Things like deposit and withdrawal fees, commissions charged, and country restrictions are basic ones. On top of that, you should examine the supported payment methods and bet limits.

Besides Betfair, you can use other betting exchanges in the UK. The best four in 2023 include:

  • Smarkets – Real-time financial technology and better odds

  • Matchbook – Deep liquidity and outstanding customer support

  • BETDAQ – Best for high odds and exceptional customer service

How much do betting agents and brokers typically charge?

Betting agents and brokers usually earn a commission from bookmakers for bringing business their way. But this doesn’t mean they won’t charge you for the services they provide. Some agents will charge a fee for placing a bet. Brokers often take care of the process of depositing and withdrawing money on your behalf. They can also provide the means to move money from one bookmaker account to another.

Another benefit of engaging a betting intermediary is that they can connect you with online bookies that don't accept players from the United Kingdom. Additionally, some of them secure bigger limits and higher odds for your wagers. Based on such services, some brokers may charge you a fee while others may not.

Just like there are transaction fees to consider for making withdrawals and bank transfers at an online casino, the same applies when using a top UK spread betting broker. Others may simply charge a small commission on winning bets. Either way, most bettors consider them value for money based on the services and opportunities they provide.

How to open an account with a betting broker

It is easier than you might think to use the services of a betting broker. In fact, it is generally as easy as opening an account with any online bookmaker. Once you have selected an agent that provides the services you require, the standard process is to either open an account online or call them directly. Note that if you open an account online, you may also be contacted by customer support to complete the process, depending on the Agent you want to use.

You will also need to consider the level of service or the type of services you need. Choose a service that meets your requirements based on the level of transactions you are making. Finally, you will also have to deposit funds to open an account. While agent requirements vary, you will probably have to deposit at least 100 currency units in British Pounds, Euros, or American Dollars to open an account. With most agents, that's all there is to it, and you can be up and running in no time.

Would I benefit from using a betting agent?

When taking fees and commissions into consideration, not all bettors would benefit from using sports betting agent sites. But if you bet on sports regularly, and like to wager large bets, then it could be well worth employing the services of an agent. There are also certain situations where it is highly advisable to use an intermediary. Professional gamblers, for instance, will almost certainly benefit from the services brokers offer. Placing volume bets requires a lot of administration and financial management, which is minimised by using the best betting agent. Also, high-street bookmakers don't like to lose, and when a punter regularly wins, it results in account closures and betting limitations for high-stakes players. Aside from the obvious benefits that better odds bring, professional gamblers can wager the maximum amounts anonymously with no problem through a broker.

Arbitrage sports bettors would also benefit significantly by using sports betting agent sites. Arbitrage sports betting is the process of simultaneously placing bets on all likely outcomes of a sporting event at odds that guarantee a profit. Such betting opportunities (frequently referred to as arbs) often occur in the time it takes mainstream bookmakers to respond to changes in price made by base (AKA sharp) bookies. And they usually respond quickly to keep their books in balance and eliminate potential arbitrage opportunities. Suffice it to say; Arbitrage Sports Bettors need to place arb opportunities quickly, most likely using the odds sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges are offering. For many, using a broker to place such bets is invaluable and necessary.

Players from the UK who’d love to bet in international markets would also benefit from betting mediators. Agents can bypass international boundaries and allow you to bet in restricted nations where UK players may not bet. Brokers have access to most markets across the world and can even get you into Asian bookmakers.

The biggest drawback of using an agent is the associated costs. Typically, they bill extra for their services. And that makes sense; they maintain connections with various bookies they believe offer the greatest odds and offers. Agents stay abreast of all bookmakers to give you the ideal ones. Unfortunately, some agents typically deal with higher bets and bigger sums of money. Thus, they entice more seasoned gamblers. An agent might not want to represent a player if they are not prepared to dedicate themselves to more serious play.

Bottom line

Online betting agents or betting brokers are the best option if you want to see your profits rise and always have the greatest odds. The only problem is that there are lots of fraudulent sports betting agents in the UK. That’s why you should only go for reputable ones. While this may be easier said than done, you shouldn’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of the best bet brokers for you. These professionals are seasoned brokers with valid licences. So, you can expect nothing short of first-rate betting services.

There’s every need for UK bettors to use brokers. Besides outstanding customer support, bet agents guarantee high odds and anonymous betting. The best part is that you can place bets via different bookies on a single platform. Thus, there’s no need to open and cash in at every bookie. One account is all it takes to get everything done!

You can also become a broker yourself and join the list of the best betting agents in 2023. There are several requirements to fulfil, though. Being of legal gambling age and having a sports betting broker’s licence are some basics. Also, you must be conversant with the terminologies used in betting, more importantly, the betting types.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is a betting agent?

Also called a sports betting broker, a betting agent is a middleman between a bettor and a betting site.

How do I become a betting agent?

To become a bet mediator, the minimum requirements include relevant licences, bank statements, and an ID card showing you’re of legal gambling age (18 years or more).

What are the benefits of using a betting agent?

With a betting broker, you can take advantage of special discounts, deals, and offers. A top UK spread betting broker also allows you to place different bets with the best bookmakers.

Where can I find the best sports betting agent in the UK in 2023?

There are many brokers on the internet, so pinpointing the best one can be a challenge. Luckily, in this article, we’ve listed the top sports betting agents for UK bettors. Just choose one that suits you best.

What is the difference between a betting agent and a betting broker?

There’s no difference between the two. You can use them interchangeably. Some betting intermediaries, such as BetInAsia call themselves agents. On other sites, such as BET-IBC, you’ll see the term “broker”.

What is a spread betting broker?

A spread betting broker analyses the possibilities of a particular event and advises you on the best spread to choose. You then make a single deposit to cover the spread of your choice.

Is spread betting taxable in the UK?

No, spread betting is not taxable in the UK. This is because it falls under gambling. In the United Kingdom, winnings from gambling are non-taxable.

What are the types of online bet agents?

Betting agents can be categorised based on the type of sport they provide brokerage services. So, we could have football, basketball, and tennis agents.