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Top Sports Betting Agents in 2024 - Find the Best Rates & Service

Ready to level up your sports betting game in 2024? The best sports betting agents can make all the difference! We've analyzed the market to bring you the top agents offering competitive rates, expert guidance, and the ultimate betting experience.

Best Sports Betting Agents in 2024

In every industry, scammers exist, and the betting sector is no exception. Not all bet brokers are legit, so investigating their credibility is crucial. Fortunately, we've done the work for you. Here's a curated list of the top spread betting brokers:

  • Sportmarket – Best odds with customer-focused services

  • PremiumTradings – Best for high-stake bets

  • BET-IBC – best-in-class odds and one-of-a-kind customer experience

Demystifying Betting Agent Terminology

As promised, here are essential terms to keep you informed throughout the article:

  1. Sports bettor:

    • Someone who places bets on sporting events by themselves or through a sports betting agent.

  2. Bookmaker:

    • A person or organization that accepts bets at agreed odds either through a bettor or an online betting agent..

  3. Soft Bookmakers:

    • Low volume, high margin mainstream Bookmakers that offer more alluring odds aimed directly at casual bettors or through their bet brokers.

  4. Betting Exchange:

    • A marketplace for sports bettors to place bets with each other on sporting event outcomes.

  5. Sharp Bookies:

    • High volume, low margin bookmakers. Their odds are usually up-to-date and aimed directly at professional bettors or through their bet brokers.

  6. Arbitrage Sports Betting:

    • The process in which you or your sports betting agent simultaneously places bets on all probable outcomes of a sporting event at odds that guarantee a profit.

  7. Betting Agent or Betting Broker:

    • The intermediary between you, the sports bettor, and a bookmaker.

A Betting Agent or Betting Broker acts as an intermediary between individuals and bookmakers, simplifying the process of placing sports bets. Despite confusion between the terms "broker" and "agent," they are essentially the same. Whether individuals or organizations, these entities streamline the betting process, providing several advantages.

Advantages of Using a Betting Agent or a Broker:

Best Odds:

  • Access the best odds from multiple bookmakers, potentially leading to more significant winnings.

One Account for All Needs:

  • Manage all betting activities through a single account, eliminating the need for multiple accounts.


  • Bet anonymously, as the agent safeguards personal information, preventing bookies from accessing it.

Top-notch Customer Service:

  • Enjoy superior customer service with professional and prompt assistance available through phone and live chat.

Bigger and Better Bonuses:

  • Access substantial deals and bonuses offered by sportsbooks to agents, enhancing the overall betting experience.

Access to Better Odds for Greater Profits:

  • Betting agents can open accounts with sharp bookies, offering low-profit margin odds and swift adjustments to pre-event changes.

Reasons to Choose a Betting Mediator

  • Market Influence:

    • Sharp bookies (base bookies) can shape the market with low-profit margin odds, influencing mainstream bookmakers.

  • Global Access:

    • Gain access to bookmakers with the best odds, especially sharp bookies that operate mainly in volume trades, often difficult for outsiders to access.

  • Profit Margins:

    • While mainstream bookmakers aim for 5-12% profit margins, sharp agents charge 1-3%, making it more profitable for bettors.


  1. Agent Fees and Commissions:

    • Despite fees and commissions, using an agent can be more profitable due to access to superior odds.

  2. Regional Availability:

    • Availability of sharp bookies may vary by region, with some, like Pinnacle and SBOBET, facing restrictions in certain countries.

In summary, utilizing a betting agent offers numerous advantages, including better odds, centralized account management, anonymity, top-notch customer service, and access to lucrative bonuses. The influence of sharp bookies on the market and the potential for greater profits make using a betting mediator a strategic choice for bettors.

Top Reviewed Betting Agent Sites

When venturing into the world of online betting, it's crucial to choose trusted bet mediators who not only handle your finances but also have accounts with the best bookmakers. Here are some top-reviewed options worth considering:

1. Sportmarket

Sportmarket, a prominent sports betting broker, made its debut in 2004. Collaborating exclusively with trustworthy and reliable partners, it ensures high limits and the best odds for players. This spread betting broker offers a reliable web mobile app, providing users with convenient betting options.


The company provides exclusive access to private accounts with major bookmakers and exchanges, including Matchbook, Betdaq, MaxBet, and 18bet. A preferred choice among professional gamblers, Sportmarket stands out by offering a live casino and a seamless experience for betting on multiple sports and games through a single account. Another significant advantage is Sportmarket's mobile application, allowing users to place bets anywhere, anytime, while on the go.

Safe:Access to several bookmakers:No personal limits:Exceptional customer service:Low exchange commissions|Accepts the Euro as the account currency

2. PremiumTradings

PremiumTradings is a reputable spread betting broker established by pioneers of online sports betting. With a goal to offer the best odds and highest limits, they cater to both private punters and syndicates. As a top betting broker, PremiumTradings brings extensive experience in football and the Asian Handicap markets.


Key Features:

PremiumTradings opens accounts with some of the best Asian bookmakers, including Pinnacle, SBOBET, MaxBet, and 18bet, among others. Similar to BET-IBC, the PremiumTradings platform provides high-quality tools, enabling bettors to scan odds across multiple bookmakers from one centralized location. This feature facilitates the efficient management of significant stakes with speed and ease.

Mobile-friendly (a mobile app also available):Outstanding Skype betting service:Can meet the needs of high-rollers and average clients:Many payment options:Low costs and prompt withdrawals|Long verification process



Founded in 2007, BET-IBC stands as a licensed spread betting broker dedicated to delivering a first-rate gambling experience.


The comprehensive range of services offered by BET-IBC makes it an ideal choice for high-stakes bettors. The platform boasts fantastic odds and extremely high betting limits, enhancing the overall gambling experience.


Website Features:

With accessibility in mind, BET-IBC's website is available in an impressive 31 languages, featuring a crisp and user-friendly interface. Optimized for mobile devices, it serves as an ideal tool for users on the go. The website also provides useful tools such as an odds converter, calculators, and tutorials on various subjects, enhancing the overall user experience.

Mobile-compatibility:Ease of use:Supports multiple currencies, including GBP:Access to many payment methods:Unique features such as Skype brokerage|No mobile app

Types of Online Betting Agents

While most sports betting agents cater to all betting professionals regardless of their sport of interest, some specialize in specific areas. This specialization is crucial for those who want a focused approach to identifying opportunities. Here are the main types of online betting agents:

  1. Basketball Betting Agent:

    • A basketball betting agent acts as a mediator between you and basketball bookmakers.

    • Offers access to high odds and accurate betting lines from top bookies.

Tennis betting agent

The greatest way to ensure your profitability over the long term is to use tennis betting agents. You get high betting odds without worrying about restrictions. Over time, these marginally better odds will translate into bigger payouts.

Football Betting Broker:

A football betting broker serves as a mediator between you and bookmakers, offering betting opportunities specifically focused on football. Here are the key features of a football betting broker:

  1. Single-Account Convenience: A football betting broker enables you to meet the limits set by online bookies with just one account, eliminating the need to switch your bankroll between multiple accounts.

  2. Easy Availability: Finding a football betting broker is straightforward, as most bet mediators provide brokerage services for football betting.

Spread Betting Broker:

Understanding Spread Betting: Spread betting is a method to even the odds when two teams are not evenly matched. The odds are adjusted to encourage betting on both teams in a game. The favourite team receives a minus (-) point spread, while the underdog gets a plus (+) point spread.

Role of a Spread Betting Broker: A spread betting broker facilitates this type of sports betting. They analyze sporting events, offer insights into suitable spreads, and allow you to deposit a specific amount to cover your chosen spread. Profits are tax-free, providing a financial advantage for users.

Top 3 Spread Betting Brokers in 2023:

  1. BetInAsia:

    • Key Features: High odds and a distinctive customer experience.

  2. BET-IBC:

    • Key Features: Fast payouts and bigger limits.

  3. Asianconnect:

    • Key Features: Multiple sportsbook options and real-time betting.

Becoming a Betting Agent in 2023:

Requirements to Become a Betting Agent:

  1. Legal Age: You must be of legal gambling age in your nation or state of residence, which is 18 years.

  2. Understanding Betting Basics: Familiarize yourself with the basics of a betting mediator, including the meaning and types of bets. A thorough understanding of the betting procedure is essential.

  3. Industry Experience: Having prior experience in the sports betting industry is beneficial.

Steps to Become an Official Betting Agent:

  1. Get a License: Obtain a license to become an official betting agent in 2023.

  2. Knowledge and Experience: Sign contracts with chosen bookmakers, outlining the terms, including the commission structure for wagers placed through your services.

  3. Mediate Between Parties: After finalizing agreements, you are ready to mediate between bookies and bettors.

Understanding Betfair and Betting Exchanges

In the world of betting, Betfair stands as the largest global betting exchange. It operates as a platform where players engage in risk-free betting against each other.

The Role of a Betfair Betting Broker

A Betfair betting broker serves as your intermediary, executing bets on Betfair based on your instructions. Essentially, it turns you into your own betting agent.

Earning and Fees in Betfair Betting

Betfair brokers profit by retaining a portion of the commission from your successful wagers. Additional fees may apply based on your chosen payment method. Many brokers also provide access to multiple bookies for added convenience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Betfair Betting Broker

When selecting a Betfair betting broker, consider factors such as deposit and withdrawal fees, commissions, country restrictions, supported payment methods, and bet limits.

Exploring Other Betting Exchanges

Apart from Betfair, explore other betting exchanges like:

  • Smarkets: Real-time financial technology and better odds

  • Matchbook: Deep liquidity and outstanding customer support

  • BETDAQ: Best for high odds and exceptional customer service

  • Betfair: The largest and most renowned global betting exchange

Financial Aspects of Betting Agents and Brokers

Betting agents and brokers earn commissions from bookmakers for bringing business their way. Fees may apply for placing bets and managing processes like depositing and withdrawing funds.

Opening an Account with a Betting Broker

Opening an account with a betting broker is as straightforward as with any online bookmaker. Choose an agent, open an account online or via a call, deposit funds (usually around 100 currency units), and you're good to go.

Assessing the Benefits of Using a Betting Agent

For regular and high-stakes bettors, betting agents offer invaluable services, providing access to better odds, anonymous betting, and international markets. While fees apply, the benefits often outweigh the costs.

In Conclusion: The World of Betting Agents

Online betting agents and brokers enhance your betting experience, providing access to better odds and enhanced services. Explore our list of the best bet brokers for 2023, featuring seasoned professionals with valid licenses. Whether you're a bettor or aspiring to become a broker, opportunities abound in the realm of betting agents.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is a betting agent?

Also called a sports betting broker, a betting agent is a middleman between a bettor and a betting site.

How do I become a betting agent?

To become a bet mediator, the minimum requirements include relevant licences, bank statements, and an ID card showing you’re of legal gambling age (18 years or more).

What are the benefits of using a betting agent?

With a betting broker, you can take advantage of special discounts, deals, and offers. A top spread betting broker also allows you to place different bets with the best bookmakers.

Where can I find the best sports betting agent in 2024?

There are many brokers on the internet, so pinpointing the best one can be a challenge. Luckily, in this article, we’ve listed the top sports betting agents for bettors. Just choose one that suits you best.

What is the difference between a betting agent and a betting broker?

There’s no difference between the two. You can use them interchangeably. Some betting intermediaries, such as BetInAsia call themselves agents. On other sites, such as BET-IBC, you’ll see the term “broker”.

What is a spread betting broker?

A spread betting broker analyses the possibilities of a particular event and advises you on the best spread to choose. You then make a single deposit to cover the spread of your choice.

Is spread betting taxable?

No, spread betting is not taxable. This is because it falls under gambling and winnings from gambling are non-taxable.

What are the types of online bet agents?

Betting agents can be categorised based on the type of sport they provide brokerage services. So, we could have football, basketball, and tennis agents.