Real Money Skill Games - Best Games and Where to Play

Most non-gamblers look at casinos as places where luck influences everything. This is not entirely true. While you can’t force a craps dice or roulette ball to land on a certain number, you can employ your skills and strategies to win real money in skill games. What are skill games, and where do I find them? Read on!

What are real money skill games?

In layman’s terms, real money skill games are casino games where outcomes are based on skill rather than luck. With these, you no longer have to let random number generators dictate whether you win. This gives you a chance to make money while doing something you’re really good at.

Over the years, the number of real money skill game sites has increased. They are now all over the internet. Whether you love spotting patterns or solving brain teasers, you can find these games online. The best part is that you can play at your convenience.

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Skill games - are they even legal?

In many countries, casino games are classified as either skill games or games of chance. On this basis, some of them become legal while others are illegal. In gambling-friendly countries, both of them are legal. However, those that are more legislative only permit skill games. They aim to protect their citizens from problem gambling. Therefore, skill games are perfectly legal in most countries!

Skill games vs games of chance

The difference between skill games and games of chance lies in their names. In the latter, winning or losing boils down to luck. These games are integrated with RNGs which randomise all outcomes. Therefore, no strategy, experience or skills can affect the results. Such games include slot machines, scratch cards and craps.

On the other hand, skill games require you to employ some wits. You’ll need some physical and mental abilities to play these games for real money. It may be quick flexes to click certain pop-ups on the screen or a sharp memory to remember what was displayed. Depending on the skill game, you may also need to think strategically to outdo your opponents. That’s the main difference between skill games and games of chance.

“Notably, most casino games are a hybrid of chance and skill.”

Popular types of real money skill games

You’ll be surprised by the number of real money skill games available online. There are dozens of them from different companies. Any skill game you come across lies in one of the following categories:

Card games - While most card games like poker combine skill and luck, some are entirely skill-based. Such include Solitaire and Gin Rummy. Each may have several variations with different twists on the standard game.

  • Board games - These are probably the oldest skill games. Here, quick decision-making is a skill you don’t want to lack. Top board games include chess, mahjong and backgammon.

  • Game Shows - While most game shows in physical casinos are luck-based, the story is different in the online space. They usually test your knowledge on a certain topic. Popular ones include Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

  • Puzzle games - If solving problems is your strong suit, why not monetise the skill? Play real money puzzle games like CandyPrize, Tetris and Bubble Shooter Arena online.

  • Word games - Word wizards also have a chance to prove themselves. Test your typing speed in Turbo Typing and stand a chance to win real money. You can also race against time in tracing words by playing a word game like Word Race.

The best skill games to play for real money

Once you’ve picked your specialty, it's action time! You now need a specific skill game to play for real money. Which one, you may ask? There are plenty to choose from. Notably, Spigo is a renowned skill game developer. Their products are fun, fast, exciting and available in many jurisdictions.

Spoiler alert…

Most of these games require a great deal of skills to win real cash. Anyway, you can learn the rules fast. Here are the best real-money skill games to play in 2022:

  • Chess - A two-player real money skill game that involves strategically moving pieces across the board. The goal is simple - round up your opponent’s King in checkmate!

  • Rummy - Here, the objective is to create melds (sets and runs). The skill game has several variants, but the most common ones are gin rummy, 21-card rummy, and canasta.

  • 7 Solitaire - This is a classic skill game where players strive to clear out the deck.

  • Yahtzee - Use your dice roll wits to get the highest points in this fantastic real money skill game.

Where can I play skill games for real money?

Since most countries don’t consider skill games as any form of betting, you’ll find hundreds of skill game sites. Which one is the best? The following sites have established themselves as the best real-money skill game sites over the years:

  • World Winner

  • Play Dice Games Online

  • Rummy Palace

  • Game Duell

Why play real money skill games?

Honestly, the games we are talking about here don’t fit everyone. That’s alright! However, there are two main reasons why you should play real money skill games:

They are legal in most countries. Skill games are legal in all countries where gambling is permitted. They are not classified as forms of betting, so players won’t be at risk.

You get a chance to monetise your skills. These games give you a chance to put your money where your mouth is. Do you have a knack for problem-solving? Get online and have fun while making money out of it. On the flip side, the odds are worse if your opponent is better than you.

Closing thoughts

Real money skill games are fun and exciting to play and give you a better chance to win. If you are a master of words, puzzles or any other skill, you could make a fortune out of it. Pick any of the skill games discussed above and play them for real money. There are also plenty of ideal real money skill game sites. Sign up and enter the battle of wits!