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As Volleyball grows as a sport, bank accounts expand as well. It may not be as popular as basketball or football, but it is definitely competitive. Volleyball is the 5th most favored sport in the world. Many supporters from around the globe enjoy watching it. Not only do they watch, bets form on this sport too. With the increase of interest with the sport, odd makers offer a variation of different bets. If you are a newcomer in the betting industry, don’t worry. Below is a betting guide on how to become successful as you bet on Volleyball. Or, if you are an experienced bettor looking to increase your odds, this guide is for you also. You will learn the rules of the sport, how to bet, the best online websites to visit, and which common mistakes to avoid. Soon, you will know exactly how to play your cards right and will become a profitable punter in no time.

Let’s start with why volleyball is a great sport to bet on in the first place. Volleyball has a variety of matches as opposed to other sports. For example, basketball and football occurs during certain seasons. With volleyball, there are many matches such as amateur, professional, and international. Because of this, there is always something to put profit into. This sport is unchallenging to learn. Speculators from around the globe place betting odds on volleyball with great curiosity. Decimal odds are the most common, using the odds x stake=return formula. As an example, the odds are 3.1 in volleyball, and you gamble 100. A winning bet would be $310.

Here are some factors to consider when playing volleyball. These factors are important as they all play a part in how the player will win the game.


There are two locations for volleyball. Inside volleyball involves six participants. The players rally with a ball on opposite sides of the net. The goal is to land the ball on the opposing team side and to reach 25 points. Same rules apply for beach volleyball, except only two individuals are playing. With beach volleyball, you only need 21 points to win.


Each competitor has a different way of winning volleyball. Different styles, or serves, can determine the way the participants will play. Underhand Serve starts when the player steps back with one foot while holding the ball in one hand. Then with the opposite hand you will hit the ball under the center. Overhand Serve is the most standard style. Primarily used in high school and college, the player uses the same foot techniques. This difference is, you toss the ball up and hit it instead. Float Serve involves hitting the middle of the ball ensuring it does not spin. Top Spin Serve is the opposite—the ball will spin forward. Jump Serve involves a higher toss. Players will throw the ball in the air, jump, and then hit it with an opposite hand.


As a result of advanced styles, the game of volleyball can come with risks. Common injuries with this sport contains damage to the ankle, foot, knee, and shoulder. Ankle and foot sprains are ordinary. The reason is from jumping to block or spike another individual. Rotating your shoulders by hitting the ball is the main cause for the high number of shoulder injuries in volleyball. Jumper’s Knee is a term used in volleyball when a person has tendon pain, or inflammation in the knee.

Another factor to consider is knowing what not to do. Even the most advanced gamblers sometimes fall victim to mistakes, which is costly. The mistake of betting on your head is what happens with most individuals. Make sure you are comfortable with the amount you bet. There will be plenty of opportunities to increase it later if you would like to. Besides to the mentality of betting on your head, you should avoid betting every game as well. Merit is the source of betting. If you play every game, it is hard to see which one is most valuable. Overreacting to trends is another familiar error. If your volleyball team lost the past few weeks, most people will not put their money in that team. Odd makers are aware that this is how bettors work and will shade the line. This helps odd makers profits to go up, which makes plungers profits go down.

On the contrary, there are tips to knowing and understanding the best betting odds. If you are wondering how to find volleyball odds, online bookmakers is a start. The leading ways to place bets are through handicap and money line. These methods are the easiest, as it is only mandatory for punters to predict the game outcome. Beginners are more comfortable with the money line system. Favorable sites are Bet365, 1xBet, and William Hill. Between these three sites you are sure to find great marketing. They also offer a diversity of different odds to choose from. Comparison tools are available on these sites for punters as well. Punters can see the vast options and pick the right betting odds. Different ways of betting online include match betting, point spread and point total, set betting, total sets, and future bets. Match betting is most simplistic. You would pick two teams you think will most likely win, and if it turns in your favor, you win the bet.

Between the large fanbase and many supporters, Volleyball is fundamental to make a profit on. The different matches in Volleyball offers plenty of odds to punters. With careful consideration you can bet up to almost twelve games. There is a chance for everyone to win in this sport. The ones who started out small are now our most eager and confident bettors.

Last Updated: Jun 11, 2021 Author: Gamblescope Research Team

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